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  1. I might not have been clear. There is a bizarre halo of color, that has been added to the original layer, thus making any mask cleanup impossible.
  2. After placing an image and then selecting, and refining, output as layer and mask , I get this. Any ideas?? RPReplay.mov
  3. On 1.7.1 and still no brush outline??? THIS FEATURE IS A MUST WHEN WORKING WITH MASKS!!!! I hope this helps
  4. Hey all, I was working on a greyscale image getting rid of a lot of dust, and noticed that the pinpointing brush/cursor was in grey not red. So I turned it into a RGB document, still no love?!?!?!?!?! After banging my head for an hour I decided to turn off the adjustment layer above the layer, Low and behold the cursor/brush was now red. Fix this please. The Cursor color should not depend on the document color space, I mean grey on a greyscale document, kinda tough to see!!! mdr
  5. Hello, I found a problem with the Inrush tool ( may extend to other tools) When in greyscale mode, the inbrush tool is in grey. Kind of difficult to see when the part of the image you are working on is the same tone as the tool. It would be great if it was always the orage/red color. just my 2ยข mdr

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