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  1. First i want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy newe year. :-) You did a great job there at serif!!! After downloading and installing there's the new icon but nothing starts. Even have no entry in taskmanager. Nothing. No response. No error. Installed on win 10/64.
  2. I wonder if there's a possibility to copy a masterpage from one document to another opened document. I tried to copy it from the page-layers, but publisher crashed Is it (now) impossible or have'nt yet seen it?
  3. Same problem here. Picture in Master, then master to regular spread. Worked fine. Saved. And today it will not open :-(
  4. It works. Made a color swatch and named it (in this case "CutContour") an it worked perfect. So everything is perfect.
  5. At first excuse my bad english Affinity publisher is absolutely great as i can see so far. But today i recognized a problem with exporting to pdf: I had to create a pdf with a spot colour for a plotter (roland cut contour). It was not possible (equal what is selected - honor or not). Is it a bug or have i done something wrong?