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  1. I agree I want that Master page function too. For creating textbooks, consistency of style is essential. It will be too time consuming to layout every text box and header etc.,  and manually linking each page —especially in a 350 - 400 page textbook.

    But, it is still early days; who knows what Serif have in mind for the final version. Obviously, they need to add the ability to creat ebooks, import .doc or .docx files as well as pdf. 

    I hope they also add a preflight, and a proof reader (like in PagePlus) and the ability to manipulate images. 

    Having downloaded the Windows version (128) I found it to be more stable than the same Mac version. But if  Publisher keeps developing, I will certainly be adding this to my desktop.

  2. The problem these days is the enormous range of things published -- from greeting cards, novels, textbooks, to multi-volume encyclopaedias. This is compounded by print and digital versions. Therefore developing a program that functions ideally for everyone's work is always going to be difficult if not impossible. The features felt to be necessary will vary with each publisher and user.

    My initial download copy was obviously buggy and I now realise it wasn't functioning as it should. Once I realised this and re downloaded it, all became clear. To my mind, I think of the Master pages as they currently are to be more like templates. Once you have created a template you can insert this into a page. These 'set-up' pages can then be used like masters and duplicated. If for example you are setting up a 12 chapter book, you can duplicate the pages for the chapter opening page and body pages and simply fill in the text boxes as you go. All opening pages for example will be set out exactly the same. 

    Over all, this is good for a beta  entry and is workable especially I think for short documents such as magazines or booklets but perhaps not so ideal if you were publishing a set of 20 illustrated encyclopaedias! Hopefully, when other features are live and newer ones added this will be great.

    I hope they add autoflow with pages and text boxes inserted to accommodate overflowing text, a preflight and the ability to import doc or docx and pdf files. I notice the 'place' feature is there but not operational at present. 



  3. Update on Master Pages.

    Obviously the copy I had installed had a glitch in it which rendered the Master Pages a mirror image of the page I was working on - even page numbers were causing problems and I couldn't get beyond page 2 in the numbering stakes; if I altered the document page number, it also changed the master and every facing page spread in the document showed the same numbers, titles and text. I really couldn't believe that I would need to add every page number and running header manually!

    Having followed advice very kindly given by Alfred, Walt.Farrell and Wosven, I have a fresh install of Publisher which functions as intended and a document to show for it! This was my first attempt and I'm sure that in time I will have acquainted myself with many of the other features.

    Overall, now that I can go beyond my first experiences, it looks to be a very nice contender. Notice that I have text on pages 10 & 11 which have not copied themselves to the Master. I am so pleased, so thank you all who offered constructive and helpful advice.



  4. Firstly may I say that I didn't say it was 'unprofessional' You did! I said "as it stands it's not a 'serious commercial production tool". (Yet).

    You obviously have misunderstood my meaning. My view was based on disappointment that having to draw text boxes on every page and for every heading from guides on a master page (advice I was given) means that it won't become the industry 'standard' software which after the long awaited arrival and much anticipation, many of us hoped it would be.  

    For example, I setup a facing master page with a box for the page number. It correctly showed this on the master by numbering pages 1 and 2. When I applied this master to the document pages, they too were labelled 1 and 2. All of them! No page 3 or 4 - just 1 & 2! I really cannot see that having to draw a text box from a guide and number each page individually is in any way helpful nor that it would be welcomed by commercial publishers.  

    Yes you can produce professional quality work on it just as you could using any number of applications by adapting to their nuances. My point is that commercially 'time is money' and the longer time spent drawing text boxes and numbering pages by hand means production costs rise. I was not trying to be negative so sorry if it came over that way. Indeed I would like it to be THE publishing platform but it has a way to go. It is only at the beta stage so there is plenty of time for the product to develop.

    If users cannot give an opinion without harsh criticism for their thoughts and experiences, then the forum is not helpful and for me, probably best avoided.


  5. Thank you Walt. That's very kind of you. I will have a look at that and play around but sadly as it stands, having to draw each text box manually on every page and fill headers each time means this isn't a serious commercial production tool. It is so disappointing as many were hoping that with links to AD and AP it could be a real contender for InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

  6. On the Mac version I am having a problem with Master pages and document pages. I have set up master pages as for a text book--separate Masters for new chapters and a second master for subsequent pages. Whatever I write on the body page is mirrored onto the master page! Thus every chapter begins with the same chapter number and title and text and every subsequent page is the same. If I add an image, it also appears on the master.  And yes, I am typing on the page  and not on the master (at least the page is highlighted). I understand that whatever is on the Master will appear on the document page but it shouldn't work the other way round! As it stands, a 200 page book will require  200 Master pages!

    Also, having created a master, with text boxes located for chapter heading and body text, these are not immediately visible when clicking on the body page; it's necessary to scroll through the layers to highlight where the textbox is which takes time.  If anyone has any ideas, I would welcome some help. I have tried re-installing but it remains the same. 

    A pre-flight like In-Design (and PagePlus) would also be very useful. In fact,  I think it's essential for large complex documents like textbooks. Quark doesn't have this so in my opinion it would put AP ahead. Just a thought...



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