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    charleston got a reaction from Paul Mudditt in Raw images on photos app   
    Even I am using a 1300D. Thanks for conforming the issue that I am facing .I am now using a lightning to USB device to transfer photos. As long as it provides a way to bypass the issue it’s fine. Otherwise using the iCloud Drive for every photo is really tedious .
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    charleston reacted to Paul Mudditt in Raw images on photos app   
    You need to use the camera connection kit or use a lightening to USB from Apple to connect direct to your camera to successfully import raw files to photos.
    What is happening is that your raw photos are being imported into the photos app as jpegs, even if they don't exist as jpegs on your camera !. Don't go via iTunes, pretty sure that won't work either, and currently WiFi camera access at least on my Canon 1300D does not support RAW import and does an automatic conversion to jpeg. 
    When you import from photos, your raw files will be marked as RAW on each file, if you do not see the word RAW then you have not successfully imported your photos in RAW format.

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    charleston reacted to plattis in Raw images on photos app   
    I would like to chime in here. Exactly the same problem with Olympus Raw Files accessed through the Photos option in Affinity for iPad. This opens up the embedded jpeg. If accessed through iCloud drive the RAW file will open as intended. Makes editing on the iPad a little tedious.
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    charleston got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Raw images on photos app   
    I am very much new to Affinity photo. Currently running this on my iPad Pro . I have noticed that when I load a RAW(.cr2) photo from the photos app of the iPad , Affinity Photo loads it similar to a jpeg ( develop tab doesn’t load up at start ). However when I try to import from iCloud Drive then Affinity photo loads it as a proper raw file ( the develop tab loads up on its own ).  Is it me or it’s an issue which is being worked upon by the developer ?
    I apologise if a similar topic as been raised earlier but as I am not aware I started this one .

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