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  1. Even I am using a 1300D. Thanks for conforming the issue that I am facing .I am now using a lightning to USB device to transfer photos. As long as it provides a way to bypass the issue it’s fine. Otherwise using the iCloud Drive for every photo is really tedious .
  2. Hi Foxter80 I am new to AP myself however I hope this helps you . I have never used Rasterise .. but to find it you can check that screen shot . I hope it can help you For blemish you can check the second screenshot. I have marked them stepwise . Once you reach step 4. Tap on develop option at the bottom.
  3. One more issue I am facing is that Affinity Photo does not allow me to import Raw images from Google Drive , it allows jpeg though. I can only import RAW from iCloud Drive . I’m a bit puzzled with this . It shows as a file for good reader
  4. Sure . I am attaching a sample . However I forgot to mention. The photos that I transfer to the photos app via iTunes by syncing ( through the lightning cable ) face this issue . IMG_3743.CR2
  5. I am very much new to Affinity photo. Currently running this on my iPad Pro . I have noticed that when I load a RAW(.cr2) photo from the photos app of the iPad , Affinity Photo loads it similar to a jpeg ( develop tab doesn’t load up at start ). However when I try to import from iCloud Drive then Affinity photo loads it as a proper raw file ( the develop tab loads up on its own ). Is it me or it’s an issue which is being worked upon by the developer ? I apologise if a similar topic as been raised earlier but as I am not aware I started this one .
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