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  1. I am having the same problem with.ORF files in AP 1.6.7. Import from Photos crashes Affinity photo. iPad pro 10.5. Import screen displays the RAW badge.
  2. plattis

    Raw images on photos app

    I would like to chime in here. Exactly the same problem with Olympus Raw Files accessed through the Photos option in Affinity for iPad. This opens up the embedded jpeg. If accessed through iCloud drive the RAW file will open as intended. Makes editing on the iPad a little tedious.
  3. plattis

    iPad Photo app Extension?

    Yes, please offer this functionality as soon as possible. It would be huge enhancement of the workflow!
  4. plattis

    permission denied

    Trying to use the media browser to open images in Photos library on external disk and the Permission denied problem happens all the time. Photos library on the startup disk of another machine works fine. I have not seen any resolution to this incredibly annoying situation.