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  1. FvdG

    Still no Tagged PDF...

    I get it, you’re a typical young fan boy, not ready for discussion. I’m out.
  2. FvdG

    Still no Tagged PDF...

    Well, If you like to see the software change a change out there in professional use, tagged PDF is a necessity ... Simple as that. InDesign has it. QuarkXPress has it.
  3. Mentioned before, but as long as there is no support for tagged Accessible PDF, this version can not be used in a professional enviremont that creates PDF that is also put on line for Government and Government related publications in The Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, USA to name a few... Did you miss it is required now? And in the USA you can even be fined when it is not accessible online? First priority!
  4. The thing still missing for me is Twain scanner support (or VueScan) to have a port directly to my scansoftware to Affinity Photo (and Designer)!