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  1. I think I know why the issue is happening. If you look at the screenshot, the bounding box for the Hem is inside of the actual Hem line and is roughly where the Hem line ends up, the size is reported as 84.4cm and in the exported PSD file the Hem is also reported as 84.4cm when you change the units back from pixels to cm but now the bounding box is touching the edge of the Hem not inside of it. In the exported PSD the bounding box is now touching the edge of the hem and is in the same place as the bounding box in the original afdesign file. The problem is you have an unbaked contour on the ellipse, Clicking on the contour tool and setting the Radius to 0 brings the stroke back to the bounding box.
  2. Ah I was looking at the issue in reverse, I thought the overhang was to accommodate a bleed area but the actual look of the file should be inside of the boundary of the CD template. Makes sense printing to a CD.
  3. Which App are you using and any chance of a screenshot? In the meantime there is the Paint Mixer Brush in Affinity Photo.
  4. Just opened the file you uploaded into Affinity Designer V2 and it opens as it would in Adobe Photoshop and it opens fine in Photoshop as well. I'm on Mac Monterey at the moment so maybe there is a difference there. If you are on Windows hopefully someone with Windows can try the file and see what result they get.
  5. Working fine on Mac with Montseratt: Black with only a slight Tracking issue between the T & Y in the word AFFINITY This is a good way to take a screenshot when dealing with font issues, gives a lot of info and saves a lot of reply questions. Do you have any settings changed in the Character Panel? Can you upload that document as I have Montseratt installed and it works fine for me so would be interesting to see how your file behaves on my system.
  6. Welcome to the forum @Zunzun So this file is exported from Adobe Photoshop? Try exporting to PDF or PNG Would you mind uploading the PSD file so we can take a look at it?
  7. @cks Just found the solution in another post, convert the image frame to curves then cut with the knife tool. but there is a problem with regard to DPI and position afterwards. I think the image duplication method is just as valid until those issues get sorted.
  8. The knife tool cuts vector objects not raster images. You can duplicate the image and then nest each image into the newly created sections to get a pseudo fragmented image. see this post for a similar question
  9. The flag idea @Komatös used looked cool and I added a displace live filter to grunge it up a bit and make it look like it was sprayed onto the metal plate and a bit worn. The semi was from pngwing, the metal plate texture is from Sketchup Texture
  10. By the look the dropbox reference is likely a folder that maybe synced with a remote folder on dropbox but the E:\ at the start indicates the location is either an internal second HDD (Local) or an external HDD/USB. Because it is Mac I would err on the side of an external HDD. Placing the file on the desktop and opening with Preview would go some way to finding out if the issue is more system than Affinity.
  11. There are several ways to do this but probably the easiest is to use the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle over the green, colour it red and change the layer Blend mode to colour, Right click on the red rectangle layer and choose rasterise and trim. The bit that goes over the truck you can erase using the erase tool (E) Now draw a rectangle over the red area on the right but colour it blue, rasterise and erase the over spill over the truck.
  12. Does the PNG file open in Preview, can you single click on the file and press space and preview it? I've seen a lot of issues with PNG files not opening on Windows10/11 but very few issues on Mac and generally most issues on Mac are related to the file not loading in Preview. Have you tried running First Aid from Disk Utility to repair permissions etc? https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT210898
  13. The PNG file above opens fine in my v2 and also in my v1 of Affinity apps. I notice you are linking from an external drive so I did the same and it still works. All Affinity apps support PNG files, this is something to do with your system not Affinity. Have you tried placing the file locally such as on the desktop or in Documents and not on an external drive; although it works perfectly fine from my Western Digital Elements drive, it also works from a local source. This one is linked from my External WD Elements Drive.
  14. Got enough on with the lovely wife I have now, she is stood behind me scowling and making me type this, she put a duvet and pillow on the sofa, but I told her she didn't have to sleep downstairs, that's when the fight started lol!
  15. lol, go for it, I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max and love the camera on it.
  16. This is either going to be a reduction in the opacity of the layer of the people or a change of blend mode, possibly Colour Blend Mode, or a bit of both. Which Affinity app do you have?
  17. I found a sample file from this Review: https://www.austinmann.com/trek/iphone-14-pro-camera-review-scotland The image on the left is the DNG file opened in Affinity Photo with Take no action set in the Develop Assistant , the image on the right is opened in Mac Preview.
  18. Don't think the FFT Denoise will work on suit moire, either the stripe wave pattern nor the rainbow effect. The rainbow effect can sometimes be corrected using a colour matched pixel layer set to colour but the wavy moire is harder to fix.
  19. I don't know what version of Word you have but you can format the chart area to have no fill and so be transparent. I have Word 16.67 Select insert Chart > Pie > Doughnut This opens Excel and places some example data into a few cells, you can change the data in those cells and then just close Excel. Now you can format the Chart area to have no fill This should give you a nice chart with no white background to mess around with.
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