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  1. It worked! I used a light gray rectangle RGB(166,166,166) and the text shows up! It is a lot easier doing it this way instead of messing with background properties and gradients in Dreamweaver! Thanks! More fun stuff! -paulw
  2. Hi, I want to use a picture as a background on a webpage but I want to be able to read text that is over it. I guess I want to fade the picture a bit to make this possible. How would I do this? I have attached a sample pic I posted on another thread. Thanks! -paulw
  3. Hi, The rose used to be pink and the background in color. Using this tutorial: Doh!! I missed that! I guess I was immersed too much in learning! I wonder if it will work with picture of the depot and the tree. I will have to try it! Thanks! This is fun stuff! -paul
  4. Hi, Using this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZznuJ05GbnA I changed the rose from pink to purple and made the background black and white. Unfortunately the background turned out blurry. Oh well, I learned something useful! He is a very good teacher! paulw
  5. Like that! I always didn't have a camera with me during the fall here in Montana so I missed it! Now most of the leaves are off the trees or dead. That looks great! -paulw
  6. Like I said, I was using Designer instead of Photo! 🙂 That is why I only saw the vector brush tool. I saw a web page about the color replacement brush. I will check it out. Thanks, -paulw
  7. Shoot! I was using Designer, not Photo! The other way around! Hehe! It worked! And I change the brush color to white to get rid on the blue sky. Thanks again! -paulw
  8. Thanks! I do not have a paint brush tool in Affinity Photo, only a vector brush tool. I looked under custom tools and it is no where to be found. There is no little arrow on the bottom left corner of the vector brush tool to change it I am using So I used Affinity Designer and followed your instructions and it worked out great! But I went out of bounds and now have a little of the blue sky showing. I am not sure how to get rid of that. -paulw
  9. That is super! How did you do that? If I learn how to do this, I can use this effect on other images! Thanks Jules! -paulw
  10. Hi, I am a bit confused about the steps. I am trying to make the front of the train burnt orange, like it is in color. All the way to the number 7504. But just the front grill would be fine. Maybe this is an extreme example instead of leaves on a tree! I added a new pixel layer but couldn't pick the color I have as my primary color on the color swatch. The color burnt orange is the outermost color circle. The square next to the pixel layer is black. Adding a mask layer added a white square with a black center next to the original pixel layer. I don't exactly know what you mean use a brush to paint over the leaves to expose the color. I do not see anything but the original color picture. I have attached a color and black and white versions of the picture. Thanks! -paulw
  11. Hi, I want to keep the image as black and white but only the "leaves" to be in color. As in the attached. Thanks. -paulw
  12. Or something like that! Just have a certain part of a picture in color, just items like leaves on a tree being in color but the rest of the image is still black and white. Thanks, -paulw
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