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  1. NONE of the download links on the V2 page work!! None of the pages can be found and none of the links work. It has been two days since I posted this problem and no solutions yet. I have tried Chrome, Brave, FireFox Edge... All with my VPN turned off, etc...
  2. No difference. And I have no idea what you want me to click on Walt on this page. Frustrating!
  3. Hi, Not sure if that helped. But I accidently turned the iPad to landscape and there was a menu on the left hand side! It does not appear in portrait mode! Thanks
  4. Yes, all is fine now. I guess I started Photo as Administrator but I think my account has administrator privilege's. Got me! Thanks for checking!
  5. Rats. I want to create a digital signature and my pen and tablet is way out of whack. I can't even specify a starting point to start writing with as the cursor flies across the screen. Oh well.
  6. I never knew there were so many photo managers in the world until this thread. I never heard of any of them but I downloaded and installed most of them to check them out. Now I see the problem with the workflows for most people. But why didn't Affinity-Serif release their own in this V2 version like ACDSEE, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and other big programs have? I use the first two for that and not Lightroom because it is not worth the monthly cost to me. Or the thumbnails in Windows.
  7. Doesn't work. Besides, my tablet is tiny. I need all of it. When I click "Click to Define Tablet Area" (#2), the pointer cursor disappears and goes to the taskbar. I think it is a calibration issue but Googling does not find anything to help me with my One tablet. Thanks
  8. I remember it is a calibration issue. There isn't a calibration button to click in the Tablet Properties software in Windows 10 for my Wacom One tablet. I am trying to find out how I did it.
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