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  1. So if there is a chance that an AD or AP document will be used in a brochure or business card or whatever print document, instead of just on a web page, what should the process be for that? What if it is a detailed Designer document? Start with CMYK instead of RGB? -paulw
  2. Hah!! Well, I got it done and learned a lot from this post. There are so many nice and knowledgeable people here. I do have the AD book and tons of all Affinity courses at Udemy and other places and I am going to set aside as much time to go through them all. However, there is nothing like learning from the people here on the forum! Books and courses do not always cover all "real life" situations, IMO! I have attached the final CMYK file. Please let me know if I missed anything 🙂 Thanks so much! -paulw exit333logoCMYK.afdesign
  3. I think I get it now! 🙂 I created a new CMYK color document and copied and pasted from my original afdesign file. Then I changed every color to CMYK. The default sliders were in CMYK. I saved the document without converting then reloaded it just for test and everything was still in CMYK. Great learning exercise! Thank you so much, especially for "The other thing to bear in mind (which confuses a lot of people) is there's no such thing as an RGB colour or a cmyk colour - you need a profile for the values to mean anything. "Highway Green" will be different values in SWO
  4. Hi, No matter what I tried, the document colors are not saved with CMYK colors. I tried the document setup suggestion, and I also clicked on the colors on the RHS tabs and on the fill color on the context menu. I think I saw a slight change in the colors when changing them to CMYK but when I exit Designer and reopen it and the document, the CMYK colors I set are gone. For instance, in the attached file, the green background underneath Exit333 should be Highway Green (CMYK 64,0,47,48) but it is now 81,25, 94,11 in the Fill CMYK Slider. It was not that when I was working on
  5. Thank you so much! But it looks like the individual colors were not saved as CMYK so I manually converted them. Simple logo so no biggie. -paulw
  6. Hi! Do I have to take each layer that is in RGB and find out what the corresponding CMYK colors are and convert them to them? I would like to keep the logo the same but in CMYK and have another version of it for print purposes. Thanks! -paulw
  7. Thanks for getting back to me again so quickly! I will try it. -paulw
  8. Hi, I searched for an answer to this question and I only found topics on how to do this with Affinity Photo, not Designer. I know how to do this when exporting to one of the formats listed in the export menu, but can I make an Affinity Designer file larger or smaller itself? All the layers and elements proportionally, of course. Thanks! -paulw
  9. Okay - that is a little over my head right now but I am going to try it! Which link did you use from that page? Thanks! -paulw
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