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  1. @MattP is there any setting / configuration file to disable this rotation of the canvas feature. Whenever I use the pinch to zoom gesture not carefully enough the canvas is rotated a bit. I'm getting crazy since version 1.4 and reset rotation is now the menu I'm using most. Thanks for any suggestion, even the one how to downgrade the version to the previous one.
  2. See https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/12241-moving-image-inside-mask/for how to move the image behind the mask.
  3. Hi, today I started playing around with this awesome vector application that you build. As I know SVG very well, I was thinking about a similar functionality to symbols to reuse assets that I build multiple times. From you introduction video I have seen, that you can embed documents. So I created a document for an asset, which I then placed 6 times. Everything behaves like I expected it. A change in the asset, results in an update of the document where I placed the assets. But the export seems buggy. I tried exporting to PDF and to SVG, but those exports results in a large file size even I just used vectors without fx or pixel effects. From the resulting SVG file, I could see, that the affinity designer exports an svg with an image tag an a data-uri with an image/png embedded. I expected to get a small vector file as I just used vector paths. If I copy & paste the assets file directly into the document, the file size gets small as expected and also the file contains path information rather then a rendered image. The best would be if during the export to SVG embedded vector documents will be converted to a symbol, that is referenced with a <use /> tag. Tony P.S. As a feature requests a library for assets (symbols) that can be references would be awesome. Also external assets via http or relative links would make the application complete. model.afdesign
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