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  1. Looks like my example except I have a clip or nested layers inside the red square. Not a group.
  2. Thanks but this is not what I mean, if you take a look at my layers as this is what I mean. This is with the setting you suggested. Selection Tool.mov
  3. It would be nice to be able to use CMD+Move Tool marquee select objects through any kind of layer, group, clipping layer. Objects inside a layer clip do not get selected when I want to do this. I gues what I'm after is a true Selection tool that penetrates all layers regardless of their place inside the artwork.
  4. Inside the new HSL adjustment, there are 4 circles that can be slid around the color wheel, what does the moving them around the circle mean in terms of their relativity to EACH OTHER? I sort of understand it's a range of color that one dials in but I'd like a bit more info on how to really make it work for me.
  5. Don't wanna group and rasterize, I need to keep their respective layers.
  6. I have time and time again noticed that when I have snapping turned on and I'm working with artboards with multiple complex groups inside them, Designer always crashes. If I reopen this file and I turn snapping off it will work flawlessly. Somone should check this.
  7. That did the trick, although I feel that this fairly new iMac Pro is not using its capabilities or is this okay to use OpenGL?
  8. On the one that works which is mine from home is an older 2009 Mac Pro with Open GL? I wanna say. The one that doesn't work well from the video is the iMac Pro from work and here is a screenshot of the settings:
  9. It looks like its an isolated incident on my work computer only!! iMac Pro. My old Mac Pro at home does not have this issue.
  10. This has been happening for a while when I have to stamp, is this a bug? Stamp Bug.mov
  11. Is there a difference between the Draw stroke behind/front and manually moving a stroke in the stroke stack behind or front?
  12. Sorry don't see this, can you do a screenshot of what you mean?
  13. It’s the sample one takes from the Info palette.
  14. I think the settings that I set are what may cause this. The video shows the irregularities of how when I add a stroke and change the settings the display settings get stuck. And also at the end the app switches my stroke stack, it actually swaps the colors! stroke_bug.mov
  15. I tried this again but only with force quitting the app (Photo) as I don't know how to intentionally crash it and it appears that the shortcut I created (w for arrow tool) is not there after restarting the app.
  16. Would be better if it was considered an "extra" with the option to hide these extras with a shortcut or menu command.
  17. How do I hide samplers inb Photo? Don't need to get rid of them just hide them.
  18. I just made a new shortcut for the inpainting tool and soon thereafter I had a crash on Photo (not related) and when it started back up the shortcut was gone.
  19. This is what I see and it really is confusing. I don't really know what what my stroke sizes are in the app based on this.
  20. The stroke pressure profiles I create in one document aren't available in another document. Would love to see this be possible.
  21. I hope to be able create a vector brush from any single vector shape or a group of vector shapes in the future.
  22. Sorry it was a smart node! Which I still have yet to see what it does different.. anyone want to show a great example of smart node usage? any devs out there? lol
  23. Not sure what this type of point is but I think it's new. Can someone tell what it means?
  24. Is there a way to lock transparency to paint only on visible pixels in a layer?
  25. Is it possible to use artistic brushes in the appearance panel and not just basic strokes?
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