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  1. I have a file that has a recovery file attached to it upon opening. But when I say open recovery file, it is a corrupt file. So that ends there. What happens if I decline to open the recovery file, will I still be able to open a previous version of it that isn't corrupt?
  2. I have a file that is now corrupt, can someone look in to my file?
  3. I have a file that has motion blur added to the shadows but the Live filter will demolish the pixels data at .1 pixels and the destructive motion blur filter works fine. Is this a bug?
  4. This a fundamental tutorial about clipping masks in Photo, my question is about recreating a specific workflow in PS and achieve the same result in Photo.
  5. Here's another tutorial done in PS that I can't recreate in Photo. Seems pretty straightforward but the way Photo does clipping layers and blend modes combined with groups, this got to be a task to get anywhere. I just gave up.😩
  6. I have linked files that if I have to edit it, I hit Edit document and it opens another Designer window to do the edits. But I sometimes find that Photo works best to clone or manipulate pixels, but it's greyed out as an option. How do I fix this? I tried to copy and paste, from the linked Designer file into Photo using New from Clipboard but it then crashes Designer!
  7. I bought a PSD mockup that opens in Photo fine, with a few differences in color but that's okay. The main thing I can't get to work right is the the way PS does their clipping layer. I can't seem to make it look like it does in PS in Photo. The screenshots are from the apps, but the way Photo does is different of course. The big square overlay should be clipped inside the Text layer and I simply cannot make it happen. I would share the file but that would infringe on the copyright of the art I'm sure PS version of layers Photo's version . The way it looks in Photo. How would I correct this? The way it looks in PS and supposed to look.
  8. Can you please add auto select the mask layer when I hit the make mask layer button at the bottom of the layers panel? It would be so useful.
  9. I thought I almost had the solution when I shift-clicked away the first artboard's contents but it wound up applying the color change anyway.
  10. Can I only search in one artboard for the same color found in more than one? For concepts, I copy an artboard that has everything right except for tweaking the colors and so I'd like to be able to choose only the same fill color on the second copy to adjust it but leave that same color on the first one artboard, hope this makes sense.
  11. I'd like to see the Fill tool behave a little bit better for dropping color without it blowing up the edges with the tolerance. I've tried to get it to create a workflow similar to Procreate to fill enclosed spaces of needed color but it seems to just botch up the edges.
  12. I did, hence the original post. I wasn’t having much luck with any filter. I saw hardly any filter do anything.
  13. I want to see anything that demonstrates this added ability? They must have added this with something in mind. That's basically all I'm wanting to know.
  14. Can you please add a tutorial on how to do this?
  15. I think so as its more of puffy semi-circles instead of a round or oval shape, but I found it in the cloud tool! I love Affinity.
  16. I can see this as being useful, already have the speech bubble.
  17. Can someone look at this file and see if you get the correct outcome when replacing another logo in place of the sample? I have seen big glitches in several places, in the live filter, to the logo itself not appearing on opening the file in AP. If you open it in Photoshop, it opens as it should. I'm not expecting to match toe to toe but maybe it will help reveal where AP is missing something to make things like this work. Link Youtube video where this comes from.
  18. It seems I can't assign the Affinity shortcut keystroke Control+Option on a Wacom Intuos Medium. It just won't let me do it. I can make basic keystroke shortcuts like Control + (anything). Is there a way to do this? I'd like to assign this keystroke to a single button on my Wacom.
  19. One thing I didn't mention on my fills, the one I can't lower the opacity is a bitmap fill. If I switch over to a standard swatch I can lower the opacity.
  20. I can't seem to individually lower the opacity of a certain fill in multi-fill effect I've created using the appearance panel. Is this a bug?
  21. Yes! I can't make it do this on desktop. The indicator of the crossing out line is different on iPad than on desktop.
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