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  1. thanks both! The issue was with Metal Compute. I turned it off, and now the clone brush works fine I'll check the latest beta!
  2. When I clone directly on the imported photo there is no problem, but when I try to clone on an empty pixel layer the cloning stops in a kind of random box shape. It's probably something I have done, but I can't figure out what. I've attached the afphoto file and a screenshoot of my affinity photo window. Thanks for any help, Gard clonebrush.afphoto
  3. Hi, I shoot all my iphone photos using "live photo". When I try to edit these in Apple Photos using the "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension I get an error saying "The file type is not supported" (see attachments). Am I doing something wrong or isn't this supported by Affinity Photo? My workaround is just to duplicate the photo I want to edit as a still photo and then do the edit. Thanks, Gard
  4. I believe you can use "Save a Copy" to save to a .afphoto file. Gard
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