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  1. Hmm. I saved and closed, then re-opened and it looks like things are back to normal. But how...?
  2. This is really weird... I brushed my hand on my drawing pat as I reached over to pet my dog, and the whole doc rotated... how do I undo this?
  3. Nice work. I especially like the highlighting you did with the skin tones. But... retro? I know people who look/dress like this in 2015. Maybe the smoking part is retro!
  4. Sometimes a curve or line becomes un-clickable, even though it shows up normally. The only way I can select it when this happens is by going to the layer panel and finding the shape there and selecting it. It's not locked or anything. I'm wondering why this happens sometimes (maybe 1 out of every 100 shapes)?
  5. I was looking for this, as well. So, does this mean that eventually I'll be able to draw a box around a particular part of the canvas and set it as 'artboard' and that would allow me to export a jpeg of only what was inside the borders of that artboard?
  6. Drawing with the built-in mouse pad is the same. It's not a blank document in that I placed an image on one of the layers, but that image is only 32kb. Thanks for trying to help!
  7. I just bought the paid version and am noticing the same exact problem. When I'm simply drawing a line in Draw Persona, the line lags behind the pen AND the fan in my MacBook Pro starts to run at full speed like when I'm playing a graphics-intensive video game. I'm just drawing a line... no fill or anything that would strain the CPU, right? Also, in preferences what are people setting their preferences for RAM usage at? My MacBook: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB memory, 1600 MHz Drawing with a Wacom Intuos CTH-680 Pen & Touch Thanks for any suggestions!
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