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  1. DarrenR

    Unable to Export to JPG

    Any fix to this? I'm also having this problem with Designer 1.7.0.
  2. I received my copy of Photo Workbook and the same thing. Actually, most of the images in Chapter 1 are like this...can't see where the lines go.
  3. I was in the same boat of wondering where my book was. Ended up taking two weeks to receive it.
  4. I agree with the need for the color separation and how limited the pre-print/press functions of both Designer and Photo are. They are good programs for web graphics, but when it comes to actually printing, they lack many functions that are needed (as mentioned above and in other posts). I'm a huge believer in the project. I have Mac and Windows versions (since the betas on both) and have both books. The functions for print pales severely in comparison with PS and AI. if it wants to come close to competing with Adobe and build a larger user-base, they will definitely have to step up their game with these functions and do it faster than the updates currently come. People in this industry (print), need to be convinced that the software can do all they currently do with Adobe.
  5. I agree. Adobe Illustrator is great for color separation and that's where I think AD fails. There's a huge screen printing market wanting to leave Illustrator for something like AD, but without those needed abilities, AD is sunk with that market.
  6. I ordered the Designer book and it was at my house in about two days. First, that was much faster than I expected. Second, WOW! The book is outstanding and I'll be purchasing the the Photo book as well. A must have.