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  1. I'm having the same problem insomuch as I can't import them but can open them from explorer in AD?
  2. This worked for me after downloading and installing v1.7 in APhoto & ADesigner, having checked that the beta version was removed from windows. Bit of an error that this was not included in the install instructions - what happened to a warning that the others were not up to date???? Hope this sort of thing does not occur in future!!
  3. Cheers Biff But I find it will only work via hyprelink!!!! Can you download this from within the program?
  4. None of the links on page 11 are valid? Where are the rescource links page 86? In fact none of the resource links are valid even with a google search?
  5. Have just checked the Designer WorkBook and it's okay (pages 14&15).
  6. Have included 2 images of pages 14 & 15 from the book.
  7. Received my copy and am impressed but there is a small problem where on the screen shots are displayed the blue lines do not extend into the graphic? Where as the web ones do, is this an error during production of the document where the 'lines' have not been brought too the 'top'?