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  1. I have downloaded & installed the application & played around with it How ever how does one actually remove the orange glow.Are any tutorial to learn (apart from the basic tutorial )
  2. Sorry.I am not getting it.Can you please explain the steps or point to me a tutorial I did see this https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44357-how-to-remove-green-color-cast-from-hair-etc/ How ever the two methods seem to be different & i am not getting it
  3. Wow.:)Thanks for the help.I will work on it now
  4. When i use the HSL the whole image color changes & more or less becomes B & W
  5. I did remove some part of the fringe with inpainting brush tool.How ever I do remove the orange tinge in the body
  6. I am adding the jpeg file also
  7. I took a dog's photo under tungsten light & had forgotten to switch off external the pop up flash with the result that i got an ugly orange tinge in the photo How do i remove this in affinity photo.I tried number of things.How ever nothing worked. This seems to require experts help here DSC_6096.NEF
  8. Any comparison done between Affinity Photo 1.6 & Luminar 2018 which is being launched in 2 days?
  9. The cloud macro is what i was looking for.How ever the Blend drop down is not appearing in Ver 1.6 Windows.I am attaching the screen shot
  10. I am just not able to get the Patch tool to work properly.Some times it comes but most of the times it does not work After marking the area to be patched I selected another area of the image & when i clicked the Alt Left mouse the image gets pasted in the patch area.How ever when i click on the catch to make the patch permanent nothing stays on & i have o repeat the whole thing though with out success It is really exasperating since i am on a trial license & i was planning to buy the product after testing out