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  1. @VijayNThank you! I also rolled back to 1.92 and am happily moving along with my project. At least I learned a lot about Master Pages by having to redo them a number of times. ­čÖé
  2. @JohnersI posted my info in a different stream - didn't realize there was more than one. (see below). I'm only seeing the SAVE issue in 1.10 after I adjust or copy and paste any of the Master Pages, whether directly or from the document. When I the error message, Windows Task Manager reports very high power usage - but not before then. I'm using the latest Windows 10 update on an Intel I9 with plenty of memory. Here's the other thread with a lot of posts:
  3. @Tegwyn Thanks. I'll give that a try if I get frustrated again. Glad it's being looked at. Every time the save failure came up this afternoon was right after tweaking one of the Master Pages, and if I'm not mistaken, after copying and pasting any frame from one side (or from a page/template) into a Master Page.
  4. Here is a shot of Windows Task Master during and after closing the failed save dialog. Before that, Affinity Pub bounces around between low and very high power usage.
  5. I can't work on my project with the program behaving like this. Has anyone: a) filed an actual bug report? b) heard from tech support if they did? c) successfully rolled back to an earlier version and opened a file that was also saved in v. 1.10?
  6. Rolling back is probably a better solution. I'm being persistent because I want to get out a pdf draft. At least there are two workaround options.
  7. When this happens, close the document without saving. It will work normally when you reopen it, just remember to hit control/cmd-S after every change so that when it happens again (it will), you will only lose that one change. You will be able to redo that change next time it opens. Hopefully, AF techs will address this problem fairly quickly.
  8. Same issue here, discussed in another thread. It seems to happen after I edit or copy/paste text and/or image frames. Windows Task Manager reports very high power usage by AF at that time. I'm going to try going back to 1.9 so I can resume work on my project. Note that neither memory nor space is an issue.
  9. It may turn up again. It happened when I was doing that with empty frames (with settings applied). Windows task manager reports a lot of system power being used when it throws up that error message. I'll go back to it tomorrow, just have to save after every step until it errors out. Seems like closing and restarting makes it usable again for a bit.
  10. UPDATE: Thought I found the cause, but it's happening again. Hope we can get a fix so I can get on with and finish my book project. PLEASE Publisher 1.10 - I was editing Master Pages and kept having the same problem and kept having to start over. I then saved after every tweak and discovered that it happened after I copied and then pasted frames (Text / Image). After I made the same layout by hand (without copy/paste), I had no problem saving. Working on Windows 10. Have plenty of space and ram. Save / Save as - neither would work after copying and pasting frames.
  11. I had to set it aside, but I did upload a about a 20-page version just to see and it seemed to work fine, after tweaking the bleed settings.
  12. That's great news! I bought the suite, but as a photographer who depends on having metadata intact (and preferably, editable), I have not been using Afinity Photo. (Nor have I been able to talk photographer friends into trying it.) This is a really important feature.
  13. That's what I did, and still got that result. Not sure if it has something to do with the bleed settings.
  14. I think I found the answer here - that you have to change the spread layout size in both the Master and the Pages.
  15. This happened to me last night as well. I had to go to the pages and change the setup there. Since I'm just learning the program as I go, I figured that I overlooked something.
  16. I submitted a request to Blurb and got an unhelpful response. (Don't remember what it was.)
  17. Thanks for this. I was just trying to convince a group of working pros to take a look at Affinity Photo and that was the first question one of them asked, about IPTC data. I ran it thorough a bunch of tests using my old version of Photoshop CS2 and discovered, as R C-R says, that you can only edit the description field. It does display the other IPTC fields written in Photoshop though, and in my initial test, did not lose any of them upon resaving the file. (Though CS2 makes some weird transformations on the ┬ę symbol.) Unfortunately, it's a deal breaker for some of them. Does anyone know the all the above holds true for later versions of Photoshop? I make use of these fields as well and would love to see them editable in a future version. I know it's complicated, but simply having the same sets available in later versions of Photoshop would probably be the best option.
  18. Hi Everyone, I don't know where else to do this, but I want to thank the designers of these incredibly well-thought-out and affordable (NON-SUBSCRIPTION) products. I bought Affinity Photo when it was launched, but have not yet started using it. As a photographer and maker of (Blurb) books, Affinity Publisher opens up a world of opportunities for me. I can finally tweak every bit of content and placement, and thanks to the polished tutorials, understand what I'm doing. Affinity Publisher moves everything to a new level for me. Now I will go back and finally learn Affinity Photo (leaving my old version of Photoshop mostly behind) and eventually purchase Designer as well. THANK YOU for all the hard work!
  19. Thanks, Rob. This is really helpful info. Wish I were a little further along in learning how everything works. Haven't used a DTP program since MS Publisher in the late 90s :-) and that was just for a few brochures. Dan
  20. Thank you, Old Bruce! I've been putting off my next; Blurb book because I wanted to create a templates that would give me more flexibility than I have with their own quite decent software. I figure it would feel more like my own product if I have the parameters to create the whole thing from scratch.
  21. I just submitted the following in the Blurb forum. Any help from either Affinity or Blurb would be greatly appreciated. "I'm still learning the software, but would like to use Affinity Publisher to create my next Blurb books and feel I would increase the speed at which I produce them if I can use and customize my own software. I see there are PDF specs, but a more easily translatable set (for Affinity) of specs would be incredibly helpful and at least make me feel that I'm not going down a rabbit hole at the start of the process. Any chance these specs could be made available on the Blurb site?" Here are the Blurb PDF production specs for an 8x10 landscape book, though I'm not yet sure where to plug in these numbers: Page Specifications Inches Final, exported PDF should measure (w x h) 9.625 x 8.25 Page size / trim line (w x h) 9.5 x 8.0 Bleed (top, bottom, and outside edges) 0.125 Inset for Margins / Safe boundary (Top, Bottom, Outside Edge) 0.25 Inset for Margins / Safe boundary (Binding Edge) 0.5 Cover Specifications Inches Final, exported PDF should measure (w x h) 19.306 x 8.25 Total Page size / trim line (w x h) 19.056 x 8.0 Bleed (all edges) 0.125 Flaps (w x h, measured from trim edge to fold) none Gutter / Spine (w x h) 0.056 x 8.25 Inset for Margins / Safe boundary (from edge of trim) 0.25 If you have Adobe® InDesign®, use our InDesign Plug-in for a much easier workflow to make high quality PDF files.
  22. Please add my request for Colorperfect plug-in support. I use it quite often for my scanned images (the bulk of my archive). I just purchased Affinity photo after about a 45-minute trial. It will take a while to figure everything out, but I love how it handled the images I tried it with. Also like the detailed controls. Nice work!
  23. One more for IPTC caption support. That's critical to me, and I am eager to drop Photoshop as much as possible, esp. with Lightroom now moving to a CC only app.
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