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  1. I really do think that the programmers at Affinity should now start developing a solution for applying metadata for all its software. Why should we the users/customers have to go through the pain of using third party progs! There really is no excuse for putting this right as the progs have been out in the market for over two years! Affinity Designer and Photo are brilliant programs but the developers need to up their game making it not only comparable to Adobe Photoshop but excel it in every way.
  2. R C-R thanks for the in-depth info. I was aware of the IPTC standard but didn't realise how complicated it is to prog this into Affinity Designer.
  3. But why do we not have this capability by now as Photoshop does! Affinity Designer is a great program but it is lacking in two things I need at the moment metadata and the facility to use mockups. Both of these are successfully used by Photoshop.
  4. Can you add metadata to an image in affinity designer. It is so important for SEO purposes as well as copyright. I noticed someone had asked this question in 2016 so something should be in place by now.
  5. It looks like I'm not going to get much joy with Envato. You have to go through their forum and I've searched for answers with no results. Are there any other companies creating scene mockups that can be used with Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo?
  6. I'm currently scouting the web for product mockup bundles. I came across Pro Mockup - Art Scene Creator where I can move assets in the layers to make up a background scene to help display my designs/products. The files are in psd format. I'm assuming that if I download it I can put this into Affinity Designer. However, I've looked to see if Envato of Pro Mockup have indicated anywhere that it is compatible with Affinity Designer which they haven't they just mention it can be used in Photoshop. Has anyone used this scene mockup in Affinity Designer?
  7. Dominik sorry didn't thank you for that sooner. I actually dragged my image from DrawPlus8 and it converted it to cmyk as it had been set up in the document setup.
  8. This may be a very silly question. Is there a way to automatically convert a vector image created with rgb colours into CMYK without having to select each individual colour and changing it manually? No I don't want to convert it when saving it but to action it on the page.
  9. Thank you for getting back to me. Having an auto trace sooner rather than later is a very basic feature wanted by so many. So why not concentrate on getting this one very handy feature out so we can all get more productive with our work.
  10. I know there are many people wanting auto trace added to Affinity Designer. I'm one of them. What I don't understand is that Serif had a decent auto trace feature in DrawPlus x8 which I hop over to regularly in order to convert my designs to vectors. This isn't an ideal solution and only a temporary one. My question is why can't the programmers add that feature from their DrawPlus x8 prog to Affinity Designer? In my eyes it would complete the capabilities of Affinity Designer program. It seems ridiculous to have to go to 3rd party tracing options. Why make our lives difficult when it can all be programmed into the one piece of software.
  11. Disregard previous question just sorted it. phew must be a glitch somewhere.
  12. I copied an image and pasted it in another affinity photo document. I was expecting it to float and let me move it anywhere I wanted. However, it just fixed itself to the document without me being able to move it. How can I move what I have pasted to another part of the document? What I thought was a basic procedure doesn't appear to be that intuitive.
  13. That's it. I just assumed that by clicking on the tool I could use it. I don't know why all the other tools worked then. Thanks for that. I'm still getting to grips with Affinity Photo and Affinity Design.
  14. Affinity photo rectangular tool not working since I upgraded to latest version all the other selection tools are okayl Don't ask me to use the Ctrl key when launching as already tried that one.
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