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  1. Thanks. I think the Title had come from a document I had started from and because there was already a title that was what was used. Although I don't know where that came from because I was not aware of View->Studio->Fields :-( Still learning Publisher.
  2. After exporting a document to PDF and looking at the document in Acrobat - the Title property (under Acrobats File->Properties) has a value that is not anything I can find in the document that was exported. Where does Publisher get the Title property from when exporting to PDF?
  3. Version Win7 Pro In Preferences->Performance I have my RAM limit set to 20GB on a 32GB system and it still uses 30GB, essentially using all available ram available at the time. Loading the document can take up to 45% CPU. I start getting a lot of "Not Responding" in AP and other apps. The document is a 28 page 11x8.5 document with 14 linked images.
  4. I created the master first and then started adding pages. I didn't change anything in the master.
  5. Hi, I have a master page with document dimensions that are 11"x8.5", with a .125" bleed, with a Picture Frame that covers the page including the bleed corner to corner. When I apply this to a new page the document dimensions for the new page are 11.25"x8.75" with a .125" bleed applied to the new dimensions. Why am I getting new document dimensions? Dennis
  6. But why does it take AP so much longer to load fonts than PS for example?
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