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  1. Thanks Joachim The thing at fault was the All Pages was set to Spreads. Once this was set to pages then it came out as single pages which seemed wrong. However as you state set printer dialog in Publisher to Booklet and then you can preview it. Weird there's no print preview view in Adobe Reader. I did get in touch with a graphic designer friend who said X-1a would be the safest format to save into. Many thanks J
  2. So I am still having problems as when I export as PDF please can you show me a screen grab of the appropriate setup? I have attached the thumbnails of my doc setup for you info. So there's now 3 double page inside spreads along with front and back. A5 size required. It will go to a print shop as my printer not working
  3. Thanks. Yes I think the issue was I had was when I went to export as PDF I had Preset: PDF for export rather than PDF for print selected. Now when it opens in Adobe reader it seems to show correctly but prints with the first and last pages as full A4 ...
  4. I'm trying to set up an A5 document of 4 sides (portrait) so it can be printed onto A4. So the first side of design would be on the right hand side of one side of landscape A4 and the last would be on the left of this when printed. Then inside there would be 2 facing sides. I thought I'd done it right but when I make a PDF file to print it comes out wrong
  5. Thanks chaps. As I say wouldn't it be good if you could open a dialogue box like in spellcheck and it would zoom to each overflow error? Sometimes hard to see the little red symbols in a large doc.
  6. Hi When I go to export my document to PDF it says "Overflowing text - One or more text frames have overflowing text". Now I've clicked each frame and don't see a red triangle indicating that there's some overflow. Is there a tool that, like spell check, will go through document to show the frame with overflow? Any other ideas? Thanks John
  7. Thanks. I thought I'd tried all those options but yes i can confirm Mitre join is the one - thanks Walt,
  8. Every time I want to make nice sharp corners in Publisher on a text box with a wide stroke it comes out rounded no matter what I press.....
  9. I'd like to create a sheet of labels like my old Avery software. I have 21 63x38mm labels in 3 columns of 7 rows. In betweeb each column there is a 2mm gap. Then there's space at the edges of the page too. Any help please?
  10. Before I shell out for another program to replace Lightroom, which I already have but frustrated with, I need a DAM feature, which is essential to me.
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