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  1. It should be simple as putting randomly some dots and then leading between them lines. Effects are just basic glows or gradients.
  2. It can make exactly the same way - this is not automatic process You need draw it by Yourself.
  3. It's quite simple, just draw geometrical shapes on desired image. Here You Have an detailed tutorial (for illustrator but it works the same way) https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-geometric-wpap-vector-portrait-in-adobe-illustrator--vector-16102
  4. bor

    Will these work in AD? (PNG or AI brushed?)

    Just grab free vector brush pack from here: https://affinity.serif.com/blog/free-daub-vector-brush-set-for-affinity-designer/ And then free texture from site like freepik.com
  5. bor

    Will these work in AD? (PNG or AI brushed?)

    TBH it just looks like it is a clipping mask on the gold texture. And if You are looking for textures and other FREE resources, You can check it here: https://www.freepik.com/index.php?goto=2&searchform=1&k=gold+texture
  6. For easy and fast explain artboard is like a piece of paper where You can do anything You need. it could be in various sizes (You can difine what You need) for example: In one document (file) You can have artboards: For business cards (85x55mm) For Letterhead (210x297mm) For logo placement (100x100mm) Whatever You need Or just in one size to do double sided flyer (for example two artboards 210x297mm). While You export artwork, everything You put on artboard will be exported.
  7. bor

    AD Brush stroke weight

    OK Guys, so after update, i have no issue with width whatsoever (for now at least) - so i cannot put the video about that, but I'm struggling now with jagged lines and strange behavior with line endings. Also stabiliser is truggling a bit. Jagged lines is showing no mather if I am drawing fast or slow, even when I'm using ruller. Strange line ending looks like cutted before end line, sometimes is broken much more. Using stabiliser is almost impossible to make desired strokes, strokes weights and so on. Pressure stroke weight is broken in this mode. Sometimes it's just cutting, sometimes don't work anyway. and Yes @SrPxx it dosen't matter with tablet I'm using, the same on Cintiq, Intus (without pro in name ;)) Bamboo, and other manufacturers like Huion. I've attached video with visible all problems. Timeline_1.mov
  8. bor

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone, I'm MichaƂ Borowiec, about 31-ish proffesional graphic designer and DTP operator based in Upper Silesia district of Poland. For about 15 years using product's from Adobe, and now, for about two monts testing alternatives from Serif. Can't wait to have hands on newcomming Publisher, to get rid of poor business model from Adobe.
  9. bor

    AD Brush stroke weight

    Hey, @Chris B, sorry for long posting time, I Was sick and don't even mind to use computer, but anyway, my case is a little bit different than in this link. Right now I'm in office, but when i'm come to home i'll try to record video aswell.

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