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  1. At the moment it seems that if you've got pressure sensitivity on and want to create a single dot by tapping the paintbrush on the tablet it will not register any of the pressure sensitive options that you've got set to the brush. It will just create a single pure dot with its properties to some arbitrary fixed setting ( sometimes it would do 50% of the values, but i've also seen 100%). Also it seems that if you're doing small detailed motions it takes about a second for the stroke to appear on the screen, which can be annoying if you're doing tiny pressure sensitive things and cant see what you're doing after you've moved your brush for some distance. Attached is an image demonstrating the isse, all the content has been done using the same brush. This really impacts the feel of the directness of the brush, it can also screw some painting attempts if you accidentally tap when transitioning from one stroke to the other and are then creating intense big circles with that. It feels a bit glitchy. I hope I posted in the correct forum for this. Awesome program nonetheless so far, I really see this replacing Photoshop in the studio where I work once all the small things get fixed
  2. The title says it all. It would be great to have shortcuts ( like R G B A in Nuke ) to view certain composite channels quickly. So you can do very precise color matching and A/B flipping between the full RGBA image and a single channel while you're working, without having to resort to using the Channels interface. Very very useful for color matching stuff. It seems to me that the functionality is there, just not the shortcuts.

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