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  1. The Temp directory is empty. However, I meanwhile restartet my computer (win 10) and it works again. I hate when Windows does this to me, as with my Linux machines I only have to reboot a few times a year if at all... So thanks for all you help.
  2. Shure, although I do not see what you wish to see. looks normal but when you click on the adjustments nothing happens... which cannot be shown, obivously. I really have no idea how this could happen...
  3. Thanks for the comment. I tried this in various combinations including "reset everything". No change. Still does not work. Any other ideas besides uninstalling and reinstalling?
  4. Hi Stokerg, not sure if you saw my answer regarding the problem. Maybe there is a way to reset the adjustments?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. They are not gone, they just don't work. They are displayed as list, but whatever I click, nothing happens. Showing/unshowing them in View/Studio does not have any effect...
  6. Hi Happy New Year to everybody. Affinity Photo (1.6.5 123) crashed during contrast and filter operation. After a restart to do my work again, the tool bar "corrections" ("Anpassungen", don't know how it is called in english) is without function. I cannot select any of the quick buttons, e.g. Contrast (where usually things pop up like "darker", "lighter", "increase contrast") and of course the dialog itself. Nothing happens. And I only find the function "auto-contrast" in the menu, which is not helpful. How can I restore the functionality? Best regards
  7. Okay, the batch process seems to operate well in the background, didn't notice it so far. Still, a pause and stop button and a "save" option would be great. And/or to automatize this "automatically convert this folder...". Oh, and as we are at it: it should also work on the develop persona, so being able to process a bunch of photos at one. Yeah, I know, not the best way to handle raws, but sometimes "good enough" is better than the creepy JPEG functions of some cameras.
  8. Hi from time to time I want to batch convert afphoto files to JPEG. As those can be quite a lot, I would like to be able to pause and stop the process. Also, running a batch in the background would be nice, as far as I can see this does not work.
  9. Hi I am wondering a bit about the enormous filesize the afphoto files are. I usually have raw-files and when I develp them the afphoto file is about 10 times the size. It seems way too much, as there could not really be more information contained. Is there a way to keep the afphoto files to a reasonable size? I am not requesting JPEG sizes (which are about half of the raw), but at last not ten times the raw files... Even with nowadays harddisk prices, it is pretty much blowing up the space needed here. Thankyou.
  10. Hi, I am a bit surprised that Affinity Phone native format is a lot larger than RAW files (x10!). It would be great if a good lossless compression could be included to save some disc space...
  11. Hi, I found that when I use the developer persona and I have created profiles, they are not used automatically, however are displayed to be selected. This is what I do: Open Raw files (several) in Affinity Photo Select various options in the tabs "Save profile" in the tab "Develop" picture Save/Close developed picture Now the next file is displayed in the development persona and the previously saved and selected profiles are displayed as selected - however, in fact only "standard" profile is used. I have as a workaround to select "standard" and then reslect the new profile to make it work. This is the same in all tabs. I believe this is a bug. Either the displayed profile should be used, OR the display should switch back to "standard". BTW: I would love it if I could save an overall profile, where I can combine settings from all tabs, e.g. gradation curves and other selections. Best regards
  12. PotatoCarl

    Affinity Designer 1.5.3 crashes when exporting PDF

    Hi Chris_K, okay, thanks. I can use it at last for converting files until the final 1.6 is out. Best regards,
  13. PotatoCarl

    Affinity Designer 1.5.3 crashes when exporting PDF

    It happens even if I convert everything in curves, so maybe not the fonts? Is it a problem to switch to the non-beta after upgrading to the 1.6ß ? BR
  14. PotatoCarl

    Affinity Designer 1.5.3 crashes when exporting PDF

    Hi Chris_K okay, it's coming through. Should arrive shortly. BR
  15. PotatoCarl

    Affinity Designer 1.5.3 crashes when exporting PDF

    Hi Chris_K well the file is a tad on the large side with many graphics in high resolution (about 50MB), and honestly speaking I would rather prefer not to post it on a public forum. It is just marketing material, however... Any way to handle this? BR