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  1. Das gleiche Problem habe ich auch unter Windows 2019 Server. Der Store steht hier auch nicht zur Verfügung. Wie kann ich Die V2 installieren? Ärgerlich das hier ein MSIX ohne ersichtlichen Grund verwendet wird, wo es ein MSI oder EXE sicher auch getan hätte (MSIX wurde ja erst mit Windows 11 eingeführt). Und ärgerlich, dass ich natürlich sofort die V2 gekauft habe und jetzt feststellen muss, dass ich es gar nicht installieren kann. Wie kann ich V2 installieren? Danke.
  2. Does not work on Windows either (no save on network drive). This is extremely annoying and *not* explainable by any excuse. There is no other program I have ever used that has a problem with saving files to a network share.
  3. @hilltop: see my other post regarding being unable to update. Both are resolved after a reboot, see post above. Thank you.
  4. Well, well well. Again Microsoft played it's mastercard. After a restart, all instability is gone... Coming from Linux, restarts are just so... we'll I do not know, they do not make sense. Sorry for stirring up the air here.
  5. Well, I typically sync my app-data folders (in the profile directory and program data) to a network drive just in case. So, I will check what I will need. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi I am using Affinity on Windows Desktop and purchased it directly at Affinity (all of them). I will try backing up the app folders to see if I can do a disaster recovery. Thank you
  7. Currently I am working with one. It is based on a flyer template I have used for other flyers with designer and there it worked well. It loads well and I can do bunch of other stuff with it - even using effects on layers. As soon as I click on the first layer, it crashes. The file is rather large (80MB) and I'd rather not share it openly in the forum (1. it would be embarassing and 2. well it is a company file...). I tried to copy it into designer - same problem. Any ideas how to trace the problem? I could probably send it hidden, don't know how that works.
  8. I just found when I tried to work with that file in Designer I have the same proble: As soon as I click on any layer, it freezes, too! Designer is running on 1.7.2 (as there the update worked). Help!Help!
  9. Hi I try to work with Publisher 1.7.1 however, it is practially impossible. As soon as I click on any layer it freezes completely. Reproducible. Also, after some manipulation of graphics, it freezes. I can save (as long as I do not touch the layers) the graphics, but immediately afterwards it freezes. Help!
  10. Hi I would like to back up my templates etc. of Affinity Software. What to I have to copy to make sure that I do not loose and template (e.g. raw templates) I made? And macros? Thank you.
  11. Hi When I try to update Affinity Publisher with the current 1.7.2 version (downloaded twice to make sure that it is complete), I only get the message "Fehler beim Setup" (error in setup). No upgrade to 1.7.2 possible. Any recommendation to work around this? Thanks
  12. I see from the other thread that it seems that only Affinity consideres it as "feature" while everybody else considers it as "bug". Well, I will go 100% with the "bug" one, as there are so many software (even under windows) that rely seriously on network access and they all work fine, that a rather simple graphics manipulation system of the Affinity* software not being able to handle it get very disturbing. So I would really really really suggest to fix this bug. I for myself for in a network centered environement with little or no local space, saving on netwrok drives is mandatory, not option.
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