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  1. Das Problem scheint ja durchaus ein grösseres zu sein, wenn ich mir den Post hier so durchlese. Bei mir habe ich es dadurch lösen können, dass ich alles, was irgendwie mit SQL-Server von Microsoft zu tun hatte deinstalliert hatte. Allerdings ist das eine "Fehlerbehebung", die absolut nicht notwendig sein sollte. Gibt es nicht die Möglichkeit, Affinity wieder so wie früher mir Intallern zu versehen, die einfach nur funktionieren und nicht von Microsofts paranoiden Sicherheitseinstellungen abhängig sind, oder von Microsofts eigenen Produkten torpediert werden?
  2. Thanks for the hint with MS SQL Server. I really had this installed and applying the patch made Designer 2 runnable. But only once. After that it also didn't run. So I removed everything that reminds of MS SQL Server from my system and now it seems to work. I know, why I don't like the installers from Microsoft. They often had issues with other products of Microsoft and MS SQL Server was always a really good candidate for problems. Thanks for the help
  3. Habe ich gemacht. Keine Änderung. Affinity Photo 2 ging nach wie vor nicht auf. Ich habe es dann deinstalliert und Affinity Designer 2 installiert. Der kam dann wieder mit der oben genannten Fehlermeldung mit dem Datenbereich, der zu klein ist.
  4. Hallo Komatös, danke für den Hinweis. Allerdings ist Windows aktuell (Version steht oben). Den Befehl sfc /scannow habe ich ausgeführt und nach einer ganzen Weile erzählt er mir "Der Windows-Ressourcenschutz hat keine Integritätsverletzung gefunden." Affinity Photo 2 lässt sich auch danach nicht aufrufen. LG Andi
  5. Hi there, I purchased Affinity V2 Universal Licence and tried to install Affinity Photo 2. When I start the file affinity-photo-2.0.0.msix I get a window where I can press an Install button. I unchecked the checkbox to start the app when done an pressed the install button. Then a progressbar appears where the installation progress is shown. When this is done I get two buttons where i can install it again or start it. When pressing the start button after some seconds I get an error message from windows I don't know whats it exactly in english (didn't find a translation, since there is no errorcode given), but it will roughly translate to "The memory area transferred to a systemcall is too small". When closing the error window, i get it again after a few seconds. Closing this will close it really. When trying to start the app with the icon that was installed (the installtaion seems to be completed) then nothing happens. No error message, no Affinity Photo. In the forum you state that the msix-installer has an install success of 99,9%. Unfortunately my system seems to be one of the other 0.1%. The same happens with Affinity Designer. I didn't try the Publisher installation since this seems senseless to me when the other two aren't working. My System has the following versions: Microsoft Windows Version 21H1 (Build 19043.2251) App-Installer 1.18.2691.0 It would be great, if you could provide a way to install and use the software. The older versions are still working, which is a good thing. But I would like to run the purchased shining new versions kind regards Andi
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