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  1. Hi, I am using Affinity 1.7.3 on a Macbook Air, i7, 8GB RAM and 500GB SSD. I have no other issues other than the one stated below. I did not see this issue listed anywhere on the forum. FOrgive me if it is and I missed it. I recently noticed that if I edit an image, in this case a RAW file from a camera (Does not matter which camera file. It happens on multiple RAW files from different model cameras) So, I edit the photo and save it as an .afphoto file. Later , I decide I want to re-open the .afphoto image and edit it again. When I attempt to add an overlay, it does not "mask" the painted area, nor can I actually adjust anything. It's like the overlay I just created doesn't exist. This is rather frustrating because I sometimes need to revisit an image to adjust differently for a client and I find myself having to re-open the original RAW file and completely re-edit the entire image.
  2. Hi Lee, It appears to happen only when I create more than one folder, then reselect the first one. While in the save dialog box, I create 2 folders, one is called Finals and the other is Finals Marked Small. However it doesn't happen every time I do this procedure. So it's a mystery right now. Anyhow, It is not much of an issue as I originally thought.I've changed my workflow. I just create the folder when copying my files to the HD, then I don't even create them within Affinity anymore. Thank for looking into this for me. It made me realize a there was a better workflow process that eliminated the worry. :-)
  3. Hmm, I haven't considered that. That could be. I process photos pretty quickly (Time is money LOL) - I'll check that out and get back with you. Thank you for your response.
  4. Hi, I am loving Affinity Photo software, but recently when I am editing photos, I take the below listed steps. In the exact order that I do them. It's my personal workflow. 1. Open a file from the internal hard drive after I have copied them from the camera disk. 2. Start editing the photo. 3. Once finished, I click export and navigate to a place on the internal hard drive where I store my photos in subfolders. I then create a sub folder in a pattern such as date subject location and camera used. Example: 20181124 Moon over the bridge Canon 5D MkII 4. I then export the picture and Affinity goes dead. Stays on the screen and will not close, shut down and I cannot force it to close. I can do other things on the Mac and nothing else is effected. But Affinity sits there on my desktop and will not function in any way. No menus work, no tools work, etc. Completely dead. This has only started happening over the last few weeks. Randomly at that. It's been extremely annoying as my workflow now must change in order to keep from having to shut down my Mac and start over every time I edit photos. I hope there's a fix for this. Thanks for any help. Specs: Latest release version of Affinity Photo, Mac Air 8GB, 500GB, i7 processor.
  5. Hello, I'm John Biondo. A professional photographer based in Vero Beach, Florida. I am trialing the software, but so far I am impressed as heck. I am sure I will be purchasing in another day or so of working with it. Thanks for building an awesome product and making it subscription free. <3
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