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  1. A moment ago, I imported a layered file for a poster made in Ps, and Affinity edited it beautifully, and you have the option of saving in the .psd format, too. I did not, because I have deleted all adobe products from my machines. @walt.farrell, I assume @Sinoseps meant 'multilayered PSD... files', but I am happy to be corrected.
  2. Two very important Italian words, nonetheless!
  3. In my introduction, I wrote: Now I know a bit more about AF, I am certain that the DAM is necessary; I can see that AF is more of a Ps replacement (well, better than, from what I have seen so far). But because I handle so many images shot on location in dodgy mixed light (we teach workshops in London, Singapore, sometimes Berlin, and Australia annually) where I need to use the same corrections on many images, we need a DAM that contains the Develop Persona, I believe. Aperture does not do a bad job of DAM, but I would so much prefer to use AF+DAM as a complete single system. The AF raw developer seems to do a really good job (I will compare C1Pro and AF some time soon for myself) so combining it with a fast DAM, I think you will sell a great many copies. And I want to stress again: the 'buy a single licence' model really, really works for me. On principle, I will not buy subscriptions (many reasons and can elaborate to AF staff if interested).
  4. I posted this in a new thread, but on reading this thread, thought I would re-post a version here, as it is relevant to the thread: How may I quickly Quit AP? Or, how do I close 20 open raw files quickly, without going through the popups that require a response for each open raw image? To comment on the topic at hand: as an experienced Aperture and Capture One Pro user, and talking about the Develop persona, if there is a raw developer in an image manipulation software, it does need to allow the user to apply a single set of adjustments to multiple other files in the same folder. I am not talking about (say) Adobe Bridge's keywording facility or all the other things a DAM can do that a raw developer cannot, but any photographer will make multiple images when working in the one lighting environment, and to be able to add those adjustments quickly to other similar images is essential, I believe. I am trialling AP presently and like the results so far, but to not be able to do that would be a deal-breaker for me; I often have to develop many hundreds of images at the one time.
  5. Newbie; quick q. here: what is the most efficient way of pointing Affinity Photo to multiple images? I ask because I selected 20 or so this evening to play with, developed a couple and then needed to close the program down—but was prompted to close all the images (IOW, cancel the develop person for each of them) before I could quit. I am sure there's a better way, and I did watch the first ten tutorials in the Raw Developer group of programs, but this aspect of the workflow was not mentioned. TIA, KL
  6. I see another member of FredMiranda.com here already; this is auspicious! Fred's site is how I learned of Affinity Photo. I am an ex-commercial photographer (John Deere last big client), and currently videographer. I have been a reluctant user of Ps for many years, but have not upgraded since CS5, and just hated the Creative Suite (or whatever it was called) while comparing FCPX and Premier Pro. I have spent the last hour watching the tutorials (fantastic body of information there) while downloading the program. My reason for looking into AP is the demise of Aperture (though I still use it for Q&D galleries for Facebook (on the workshops we present) and it's fine for that. I also own C1Pro 8, but that interface has never really gelled for me. My interest in AP is mainly the Raw developer area of the program; I do little retouching, preferring to get it more-or-less right when I shoot (legacy of 25 years of shooting film). If there's a link to the AP back story, I would love to read it. Sincere thanks.
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