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  1. I am missing somthing here. I want to draw several lines on a photo. I use the pen tool and click the lines icon and draw a line. All ok so far, when I go to draw the next line, the first line dissapears! What do I need to do to draw multiple lines on a photo? I am using the Windows desktop version of Affinity Photo. Thanks Tony
  2. Hi, I use Lightroom as my assett management software. Here I cull, keyword ect. Then Capture one for raw editing and converting to a final tif file. I will then use affinity photo for any major tidying up of the photo. I was hoping to cut out the capture one for raw development, but that does not seem possible. This not a major problem as the current workflow does work well, just seeing if I could simplify it :-) Tony
  3. Yes, that's what am doing, but my workflow, at the moment, is to cull and keyword all the photos from a shoot and then edit the keepers. With affinity photo, this does not work as the keywords get lost. I had hoped it was something that I was doing wrong :-( Thanks for your reply. Tony
  4. I hope this something that I am doing wrong. When importing a raw file which has keywords assigned to it in a sidecar file, Affinity photo doesn't seem to use the keywords. Therefore when I export to a tiff file there are no keywords included in the tiff file. I am opening the raw file using 'open with' in Windows explorer. What am I doing wrong? Tony
  5. It's OK, I found out the answer by testing it on a copy of a RAW file. The RAW file was not altered when I saved the changes.
  6. Hi All, I have been watching the training tutorials on the develop module and have a question. When I click the Develop button to save the changes, is this permanent or are the changes saved separately so that I can go back to the original RAW file later if I am not happy with what I did? Thanks Tony
  7. Many Thanks to everyone. That works well. I am very impressed with the programme so far. Tony
  8. Hi, I am just testing the trial version of Affinity Paint on Windows to see if it does what I want. I load a TIFF version of a photo and the Inpaint option is greyed out. Is this because it is a trial version, or does it not work on TIFF files?
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