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  1. Major Problem with Affinity Photo not having effective Font Scaling for 4K High Resolution Monitors for plugins such as Google NIC Collection. For example: I'm using Windows 10, and I have my windows fonts scaled to 300. Thus I'm able to have beautiful font scaling and viewing for all my programs including Affinity Photo. HOWEVER when I attempt to use Google NIC Collection plugins, the text sized is so small as to be unreadable and unusable. This font scaling problem has previously been reported to you, yet you've not solved the problem. NOTE well that merely increasing the font scaling within window 10 does NOT solve the problem. Affinity has to solve this problem for plugins. Note also that I'm using the upgraded 2018 version of the Google NIC Collection. Please advise us as to whether Affinity can solve this problem within the Affinity programs, or whether it has to collaborate with Google NIC to solve the problem. Please take this problem seriously and advise us as to what you are doing to solve this major issue...and provide us with a reasonable time frame for a solution. As you are aware, Google NIC Collection is a plugin used by many people, so this issue is serious. One approach may be to force plugin programs such as NIC to effectively use Windows 10 font scaling rather than its own. On the positive side of the ledger, Affinity Photo is an excellent program, and if it continues to increase its capabilities, other programs such as Photoshop may be in trouble. Their "greed" may catch up with them.
  2. Scanner import 

    Please post the most recent information addressing the need for being able to scan images from within Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.  Such a feature has been requested for some time now, and there appears to be no progress toward providing such a basic feature.  It should have high quality scanning capabilities.  Attempt to give a time frame for the inclusion of such feature.  Is anybody giving priority to fulfilling this feature inclusion?  

    1. Medical Officer Bones

      Medical Officer Bones

      Hi, I am merely a user of Affinity products, and have no insight in their development roadmap, so I cannot be of help to you in this matter.

      I've long switched to VueScan for all my scanning needs, and VueScan delivers more than excellent scanning quality - the scan quality is far better compared to the old factory drivers of my Canon scanner.

      I don't think it is worth our time to wait for Affinity Photo to include scanning capabilities: the majority of users have no real interest in scanning, and I expect the developers to work on more pressing features first. Besides, VueScan would be (very) hard to beat in terms of scan quality anyway.



  3. Alfred and MEB, Thank you both for the heads-up. For some reason I overlooked that very important NO-NO. Be well...and again, THANKS.
  4. First of all, please accept my appreciation to all who contributed toward the creation of this superb graphics program...especially at an excellent price and with free updates. This program should be given very high honors...you know, such as an Oscar equivalent for graphic program designed and presented for the professional and novice graphic artists. That having been said...on the next update, could you please add a button for viewing the graphic being worked on to be viewed in DESKTOP viewing mode...with the variations of fit, stretch, proportional stretch et al. Such an easy-to-use single button-click Desktop viewing capability would be very convenient and comparatively easy to provide by your programmers. ERS
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