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  1. When you open an image in affinity pohto via “SHARE-COPY TO AFFINITY”, if failed, the disk space not be free. if again and again, your disk space will be eaten a lot. This is not affinity photo bug, this is iOS bug, but we have a way to avoid this bug, just keep your images on “files - on my ipad”, and open from here. So, pls update affinity photo asap, and support FILES. Thank you!
  2. My affitnity photo version is 1.6.5. There is none project in workspace, but why ap uses 5.03GB disk space?
  3. Victor Jee

    [Duplicate] Dimensions Lock not work

    sorry, this is a known issue. pls help me to delete this topic, thank you.
  4. equipment: ipad pro 12.9 & ios 11.0.1 & affinity photo 1.6.5 I try to change an image dimensions in transform studio, but the dimensions lock doesn’t work. This image dimensions are 1000x1000, and i tap the lock icon, transform the dimensions, but the width and height are not synchronized. (may be i don’t understand how to use this)
  5. Yes, yours suggestion is same with mine, i also hope could hide these, most image previews are useless.
  6. I found that some UI translation for chinese is literal, new guys are hard to understand what these means. and I found that the same things translation, UI is different from HELP document. For example: sponge, the translation in UI is “舔吸”,and in HELP is “海绵”,I think the 2nd is better. One more: vibrance, translation in UI is “振动”,I don’t know what “振动” means, and other most retouching softwares are translated to “自然饱和度”. Could you tell the translation team about this, I trust it can help new guys to learn affinity photo easier. Thank you so much!
  7. hi, is there anyway to select many layers one time quickly?
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    I guess Apple hope us buy the iCloud space. LOL!