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  1. Well I'm not sure what was up with the shot I was working on last night but trying again with a new photo i do have it working as I expected. Thank you Sima and MEB one of the issues you pointed out must have been the culprit. Having just started with Affinity Photo I just assumed that I didn't understand Affinity's implementation of masks. If I had taken a moment to think it through, I would have stated fresh with a new file and seen the problem. Forest for the trees I guess. And thanks for the welcome. Jim
  2. Sima, thanks for the thoughtful reply. You probably nailed it. One of those 3 opacity sliders must be zeroed although I'm not sure how or why it would get that way. I'll check it out later. Just one of those situations where the longer you look at it the less you see. Jim
  3. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Maybe my understanding is all wrong here. It was my understanding that adjustment layers have there own mask eliminating the need to explicitly add one. When I add a new adjustment layer I start with a new white mask (everything shows). It would seem that an easy way to adjust a portion of the photo would be to add adjustment layer, invert the mask and paint over the area I wish to effect with a white brush and then adjust my setting. This does not work so obviously I do not understand adjustment layers and masking at all. Some explanation of what I'm missing here would appreciated. Thanks. Jim
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