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    tpf1952 got a reaction from Bugbob in ipados open file from external disk   
    I'm most eager for this feature to become available for Designer and Photo for the iPad. Thank you for your continued hard work.
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    tpf1952 got a reaction from photoadele in AP 1.7.1 slow performance when healing   
    I hadn’t ever noticed anything slow about Affinity Photo until after installing 1.7.1. When using healing brush I’m experiencing some serious delays between when I perform a brush stroke and when I see results. I’m actually experiencing this on both the Mac and IOS versions. Anyone experiencing the same? And if so, any suggestions to improve performance? 
    My Mac: 2016, 15” Retina Macbook Pro,  2.9 GHz Core i7, 16GB, Raedon Pro 460 4 GB, 2tb SSD. OSX: 10.14.5
    iPad: 2018 12.9” iPad Pro, 512 GB - OS up to date
    Camera/files: Fuji GFX 50s, compressed raw
    Noticing the performance lag when applying the healing brush to the base layer of the pair of layers created when invoking the frequency separation filter.
    Sometimes the delay is as slow as a second; other time, several seconds. When trying to retouch a face, these kinds of delays can make post production of a single file a bit frustrating.
    Any suggestions most welcome.
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    tpf1952 got a reaction from Paul Mudditt in Affinity designer ipad, I'm looking for the grid option   
    Paul, thanks so much for all the help you provide to users.
    Selfless and generous.
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