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  1. I'm most eager for this feature to become available for Designer and Photo for the iPad. Thank you for your continued hard work. Tom
  2. Many thanks for sharing your screen shot. Affinity Photo was just flying for me until version 1.7.1 and suddenly my retouching work ground to a halt. Consulted with the forum and turned of Metal as suggested, but no change. Then I discovered your post and confirmed to your setting about changing the Display to OpenGL and Retina Rending at Auto and I was back in the race. I guess my 2016 15” Retina Macbook Pro just isn’t Metal-friendly enough. Tom
  3. Managed to downgrade to 1.6.7 via Time Machine. Rebooted and resumed work. Stunning surprise: performance still compromised. Deleted 1.6.7, then reinstalled 1.7.1 Result: AP is running okay. Speculation: I could have saved myself some steps, simply deleted 1.7.1 in the first place, rebooted, reinstalled and gone to work. Glad it worked, anyway. Tom
  4. This healing brush issue with 1.7 is real. Looking for a way to downgrade. Initial purchase was via the App Store, so I might not have any options. Shucks. Tom
  5. I just checked by purchase history; alas I bought AP via the App Store. I'm having performance issues with 1.7 and would really like to downgrade to 1.6 to get some retouching work done. I'm willing to buy the app again just to get access to 1.6. Can this be done? Tom
  6. Alas, switching off Metal compute acceleration does not ameliorate performance. Fingers crossed that a fix is in the wings. Best of luck, Tom
  7. Thank you for your reply, MEB. I'll adjust preferences as you suggest. Working with Photo and Designer every day; mighty fine software. Tom
  8. I hadn’t ever noticed anything slow about Affinity Photo until after installing 1.7.1. When using healing brush I’m experiencing some serious delays between when I perform a brush stroke and when I see results. I’m actually experiencing this on both the Mac and IOS versions. Anyone experiencing the same? And if so, any suggestions to improve performance? My Mac: 2016, 15” Retina Macbook Pro, 2.9 GHz Core i7, 16GB, Raedon Pro 460 4 GB, 2tb SSD. OSX: 10.14.5 iPad: 2018 12.9” iPad Pro, 512 GB - OS up to date Camera/files: Fuji GFX 50s, compressed raw Noticing the performance lag when applying the healing brush to the base layer of the pair of layers created when invoking the frequency separation filter. Sometimes the delay is as slow as a second; other time, several seconds. When trying to retouch a face, these kinds of delays can make post production of a single file a bit frustrating. Any suggestions most welcome. Tom
  9. Paul, thanks so much for all the help you provide to users. Selfless and generous. Tom
  10. And same thing with Fuji GFX compressed raw. I've submitted feedback to Apple to include compressed RAF capability. Not holding my breath. Tom
  11. I've tried both raw engines, and neither will successfully open a compressed RAF file acquired with a Fuji GFX50s. Apple Core produces no image at all; Serif Labs produces an image comprised of a two solid horizontal stripes, one black, one white. Any resolution possible? Tom
  12. Brilliant. Found it. Many thanks. Also, my compliments to your own photography featured in the tutorials. You’re quite good. Sincerely, Tom
  13. In Affinity Photo for iPad, is there a way to remove the tone curve embedded in a raw file? I’m looking for the same option available in Affinity Photo/Develop Assistant, to “apply tone curve” or “take no action.” Kind regards, Tom
  14. Count me as another user who would like to see this feature added to AP. Kind regards, Tom
  15. Thank you all. Sorry for causing a stir on a Monday. I know I'll have a better -- and humbler -- day. Tom
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