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  1. bkabstract

    Importing styles

    I actually meant the "styles" at the bottom of the text (layer) "fx" dropdown window on right side of screen. I want my new 300 styles to show up there. Those are customizable. Or is that a desktop only feature? Thanks!
  2. bkabstract

    Importing styles

    Is it possible to install or import the Affinity Photo styles that I downloaded from the Internet? I’m working on an iPad Pro, iOS 11. thanks, bkabstract
  3. Can I import .asl files (layer styles) into affinity photo for the iPad Pro?
  4. Is there a way to import .asl files into Affinity photo for iPad Pro? It looks like, from the menu, there is room for other styles. Please advise. I’m loving Affinity photo, btw! Thank you.