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  1. the software will be in german language?
  2. hello, if i save my document, every time the box "Linked Resource Changed" shown. how is it possible to prevent that? im using Windows 10 and AP Vers. into the attach file is a screenshot
  3. Problem solved. I am change the Pictures to embedded
  4. nothing happens no informations for the user. What do you mean is the realistic date for a stable Version of APub?
  5. UweJ


    startet bei mir ohne Probleme. Win 10 64
  6. hello, i can´t find an answer. Is it possible to create a form in APub as pdf file? Or a form as APub file? thx for answer
  7. ok, thanks. I hope a form will be insered in the future
  8. I know that. But my question is, will it be possible to create forms like in PagePlus? das ist mir bekannt. Meine Frage ist jedoch, ob es dann mal möglich sein wird Formulare so wie in PagePlus zu erstellen?
  9. ja, ich möchte gern ein Formular mit Formularelementen erstellen, was dann ausgedruckt oder auch am Computer ausfüllbar ist. Mit PagePlus X9 ist das ja problemlos möglich. Sollte dann doch auch in APub klappen - oder?
  10. maybe is it possible to write an update for PagePlus to export ppp files into Apub
  11. Hi, is it right, Affinity Publisher launcht in August 2018?
  12. ...and, the guy saying it will be public beta late august... wow, late august in Year??? Now, it´s 26. August. I think it´s late I will wait and see whats happen
  13. thanks, thats right. i mean the Affinity Publisher Beta
  14. Is it possible in AD to display distances from two points as a dimension line? an easy example is into the attaschment
  15. i know the command crtl ....but this was not the point. But your answer maybe for the "next" ? version is good. I hope so. thanks
  16. Hello, i am a new AD User and im verry happy with AD. I think, many german users have AD too and i think it was a good idea to open a german area. It is easier to write and ask in german language. For german user is it helpfull, i think. What do you mean? Is it possible
  17. UweJ

    German category?

    Ah, ok werde ich dann machen - Danke.

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