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    TraceyC/FL reacted to DM1 in See/use Publisher layers in Photo iPad?   
    @TraceyC/FL Apparently you can edit them. According to the Affinity Live presentation the files are all the same format across all three apps.
    Sageblue posted this in the beta thread to a similar question about accessing pages: "You need to go to the Document menu and choose ‘Pages’ to display the control for navigating to the other pages/spreads in the document. (For some strange reason, the control on the Context toolbar is labelled ‘Spread’ rather than ‘Pages’.)'
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    TraceyC/FL reacted to Jethro in Swatch Managment   
    I would find the ability to import and export swatch palettes incredibly valuable.
    Furthermore, the ability to re-arrange my swatches by drag and drop would be very useful when working with large palettes so I don't have to be mindful of the order I add them in.
    Finally, is it really necessary to ask the user Are You Sure you want to delete this? Especial;lily considering I've already had to tap and hold on a swatch, only to be presented with a menu which then asks me to pick between rename and delete. Is the modal pop-up Are You Sure needed?
     - Along those lines, when in swatch list mode, a double tap on a swatch to start renaming would be appreciated.
    Little details which I hope would help make the management easier, fun and swifter.
    But especially swatch import please.
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    TraceyC/FL reacted to Alfred in Designer for iPad Pro 2   
    Who wants more teasers?? The real thing is what everyone is waiting for!

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