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  1. TraceyC/FL

    See/use Publisher layers in Photo iPad?

    The navigation thing pops up at the bottom - but it can’t figure out the equivalent of double clicking the embedded file in Publisher to allow it to be edited. All I’ve got is flat layers/pages. my eyes are a wreck today so trying to find more things in Photo on my iPad is going to have to wait until Monday. I think I need to play with them in straight Photo on the Mac, I realized just now I didn’t do that. That’s what happens when you are squinting all day! Lol thanks
  2. I'd like to build a document on my Mac with multi-layer PSD files, then open that on my iPad in Photo to use/edit each one. I figured out that double-clicking on the Mac lets me see and do what I want - but what is the equivalent on iPad Photo (if there is one). If i can't do this, then I'm DOA on Publisher for 75% of my uses right now - and would hope this could be added. Thanks for any help! Tracey
  3. Double clicking answered my "how to find my layers in a PSD file" question - BUT, is there a way to do this when i import the file to Affinity Photo iPad? I want to build on the computer, then work on them on the iPad. Right now all i have is a flat document. Thanks.
  4. Well drat. I have an idea I wanted to try - and then it would be a no brainer purchase for me. Alas, I haven't gotten paid yet so I will have to hope the sale stays on until I do. Also cannot wait for it to come to the iPad - but i'll suffer with the Mac for now! LOL
  5. TraceyC/FL

    Difficulty Importing Styles on Ipad

    And this is from within Documents. (helps if i airdrop it!)
  6. TraceyC/FL

    Difficulty Importing Styles on Ipad

    Pretty sure this is the same problem i am having. I downloaded them to Documents, and they are now associated with a file convertor app. None of them have Affinity - Designer or Photo - logos on them despite the extension being correct. I know some fellow users are having the same issue. This is from the Affinity Photo attempt to import Styles.
  7. TraceyC/FL

    Ruler with inches for us Yankees

    I’m thirding it. i desperately need a ruler function.
  8. Does anyone know if it is still planned for 2017?
  9. TraceyC/FL

    Affinity Designer for iPad?

    That is what I’m trying to learn also. I’m at an app crossroads and trying to figure out what to do.
  10. TraceyC/FL

    Placing from OneDrive failing

    Yes, the latest version of the app is on there. It is also trying to download the locally stored OneDrive stuff - but i'm not sure whose fault that is at this point.
  11. TraceyC/FL

    OneDrive Crashes

    Totally have this going on in a major way myself. Posted my details in the question forum for now. But I need OneDrive to work for this, i'm not moving all this stuff again nor paying for yet another cloud service. ETA: It was also happening on the other iPad I had, it was replaced on Friday by Apple Support for a random touchscreen problem. I've deleted OneDrive and reinstalled it more times than you can count. Also, even though I have the OneDrive folder downloaded locally, it was wanting to go out on the internet to find it. I'm not sure where the problem lies there. I jumped on the wifi, and had my data turned on and AP just did not want to play at all with OneDrive until I go back home on my normal wifi. Going to play with that some more later - really need this to work all offline the end of September.
  12. In my effort to start to learn AP, I have been starting with some digital scrapbooking templates and collections. I have the items in OneDrive, and am in the process of saving them local. When I go to place an element in AP, it seems to struggle greatly if there are a decent amount of items in the folder. Right now the one i'm trying to access has 78 items in it, all small. The initial items come up, but AP closes it and goes back to my page if I try to scroll down. It doesn't matter what the digital scrapbooking kit it is, or Template (templates start as PSD files), it happens with them all when the Onedrive folders have a decent amount of files in them. I'm assuming that Microsoft could be partially to blame, but they are hard to complain to - although I did send them a shout yesterday about it. I'm hoping this clears up with Files and iOS11, I just can't run the Beta right now. I'm running a 2017 12.9 512, so i'm not on the fringe of local space, RAM or anything. The template i'm clipping to: http://shop.thedigitalpress.co/Photo-Focus-2017-August-Templates-Set-2.html The one in the lower right (again though, it happens with all) Example of a kit with a lot of things to put in one folder: http://www.justsoscrappyoutlet.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=38_39&products_id=5686
  13. TraceyC/FL

    Can't open PDFs at 300dpi

    Sure. Let me go create a generic one from scratch. I tested it in keynote iPad, and it is doing the same thing 72dpi. Obviously you can change it to 300, but it looses the crisp edges. 300dpi pdf from Graphic.pdf
  14. I'm trying to work out a work flow of my templates into AP iPad. I'd love to use Adobe Comp to sketch them. But those are only 72dpi regardless of what I do. I am able to open them as a PDF in Graphic (the app) and resize them to 300dpi and export the PDF and it is only 72 in AP. Same for a new file created inGraphic at 300 dpi, AP downgrades it to 72. I'm 99% exporting a 300dpi file in Graphic s a PSF also downsizes it to 72 - but I. Will have to check that tomorrow. I opened the PDF in GoodNotes and it was high resolution, so I don't think it is Graphic causing the issue. I will be at a computer tomorrow to mess with it some more - today I was 100% mobile and so limited in apps to try. Also, I really really need rulers or we are a no go. Honestly, at this point I would have waitied to buy it had I realized there were no rulers. Thanks for for any help on the PDF import issue.

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