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  1. I have the same issue, did you find out how to merge?
  2. Seem like nobody hear us!!! Getting to my app store every day, hope there is an update but... haizza...
  3. With the new update today, the “touch for gesture only” still apply to in painting brush. Really frustrated!
  4. With the new update today, the “touch for gesture only” still apply to in painting brush. Really frustrated!
  5. The beta version via TestFlight fixed the issue, I thought that the update also fixed but not. I deleted the beta, installed the update, how silly me!
  6. Please give me back the "Touch for gestures only". Totally messy now!
  7. I have similar issue, “touch for gesture only” affect on one photo but not in another. In the screen record, I use finger only, no Apple Pencil at all. 63A85E81-8BC1-4F93-8E85-C5C1FC11597C.MOV
  8. Thank you, @metroidmen, The Affinity Photo's working fine so far but Affinity Designer is very lag and hang on iPad Pro10.5.
  9. which iPad are you on? 12.9 or 10.5? Is there any difference between the ios for that 2 version?
  10. I have the same issue with just a jpg photo. Attached is a screen record video file for your reference. 0F8CA7A3-F721-4E2A-8A15-865369ED5C0C.MP4
  11. Using 5 fingers to minimize the Affinity photo on iPad doesn’t work. Instead of showing the home screen, it just zoom out the photo. Is it normal?
  12. I upload a Fujifilm X-t1 raw file and one Jpeg file exported by Affinity photo iPad without any adjustment, hope it helps.
  13. Can’t export to iPad Photo app, AP crashed many time. Please see the screen video captured. 933156F3-22E6-446D-B27C-E55A88AA2E15.MOV
  14. A user manual book for iPad version would be highly appreciated!
  15. It takes a lot of time as one by one deletion! Hope they can make life easier!
  16. Onedrive is not really good in the Apple Files app, especially the business version.
  17. is there a way to select multiple images and delete at once? Doing this one by one drive me crazy.
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