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  1. Hello Affinity community! My name is Matti Lintula and I'm from Valkeakoski, Finland. I have been working in content creation (journalism/marketing) for around 10 years now. I recently started my own company called Lintulan luova toimisto (Lintula Creative Agency), where I'm focusing on scaling the latest marketing solutions to local small/medium size businesses. My work includes traditional poster, brochure, magazine ad design/production as well as online marketing and my personal favorite; point of sales marketing material (banners, pylons, shelves etc.) I started doing graphics on computers in the early 90's. Some of you may remember Art Studio on Commodore 64 and Deluxe Paint on Amiga. Since then I have worked with Adobe software all my life until this summer. As I was starting my own company, I researched most currently available tools and decided to give Affinity Designer & Photo a chance. So far it has paid off as I'm getting used to working on these marvelous tools. I'm still eagerly awaiting an InDesign counterpart from Affinity team though!
  2. Same problem here. I have Windows 10, Affinity Designer and Wacom Bamboo MTE-450A with the latest driver installed. I select PENCIL TOOL and define Controller to be PRESSURE. When I draw a line, the pressure variation affects nothing. I've also checked the brush settings and everything seems to be in order. Using a pressure modifier on PAINT BRUSH in Affinity Photo works perfectly well though. So it seems to be a problem with Designer only. Any solutions? EDIT: It pays to complain. The pressure sensitivity started to work. I just chose a different brush (Solid brush with pressure size 128) and adjusted the brush width (to 30) and it works. I have no idea why that helped, but it did.
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