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  1. HBChristo

    Files opening in Grayscale

    When the picture books/ childrens/ cook books need design, this means the design of all the book's parts become key as well. Thanks
  2. HBChristo

    Files opening in Grayscale

    Hi there MEB, Thanks for replying, I am trying to write/ create a book entirely within Designer and create a template structure to export rather than relying on the Amazon tools Importing would be powerful, and obviously it's early days, but it seems like a fairly urgent concern about importing. Sometimes doing a double import through to AI then to Designer might work from a dense Word doc with Colour pages and logo style fonts. I had trouble giving you an example, my computer on High Sierra is crashing and freezing so apologies for not showing an example yet. Please let me get back to you.
  3. HBChristo

    Files opening in Grayscale

    It was a pdf from Microsoft Word for mac ... it had a blue back ground ... and Abadi fonts ... and high resolution images
  4. So I downloaded the KindleCreate Beta Tried to convert a Word Doc and it refused to look at it. (failed conversion of an 80mg file) So that's the concern, if my workflow starts and finishes inside Affinity from Word, and then the last step is to downscale ... it's me doing it ... not them. I will keep testing if Kindle's tools have stepped up, but I think they are restrictive in a destructive way. If I were adding videos, obviously I understand it ... but we're just talking higher resolution photos. But as a relative newbie, I'm getting tossed around too much, but Affinity really could answer all of that if I know how to use it. Thanks
  5. But the problem is with the lack of customisation/ control offered in both So yes, I have a picture book in Word doc form for mac, but wish to transfer across to affinity. It imports it as Grayscale, can you explain that please... it doesn't warn or ask ... it just does it? I understand, still a relative newbie myself, AI is used for entire ebook creation. But you're right: most focus on the cover. Looking at this page, (https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/A3IWA2TQYMZ5J6 ) I can see what you're saying but I feel I need to start from a better starting point. Text, if it can be imported correctly, can become a very important illustration design itself. Are there some full book templates, which cover the majors Kindle, iBooks etc ? I will look at Kindle's new tools.
  6. Is this related to documents not opening automatically in colour ? Seems strange Why would that be a feature request ? Aren't we simply needing an Illustrator app ... apples for apples ?
  7. Hi there Importing a color pdf converted to grayscale without asking. Seems locked into black and white.
  8. Answer Partial By creating multiple Artboards However, when importing colour PDFs ... it is converting them to greyscale. Please explain or help.
  9. Hi there Just looking for video tutorials on this topic. As Designer is the counterpart of Illustrator it stands to reason. Although I am looking to create entire books and not just the cover. Thankyou.