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  1. Will Affinity ever get a shape builder tool? Although I want to stay with Affinity, I just can't without a shape builder tool. I design vehicle graphics and I need to create vector paths for the plotter to use, it's bit more complex than that but S shape builder in Illustrator is a must! I've tried to hang on to Affinity for as long as possible hoping they will finally bring it in but it's been 3 years and still no sign? I'm now at the point where I just need to say enough is enough and go back, I hate the thought of doing this but it's what it is. Please can some
  2. So after one week with Affinity designer, I'm not ready to jump in full time. Please add these features. 1: Selection Selecting parts of my project is horrible. Sometimes I can select an object by clicking on it, other times I have to drag around the whole object to get it, not very nice to use at all. 2: Symbols I use symbols a lot but there does not seem a way to change the symbol order. Sometimes I edit a symbol and I would like it at the top of my list but in order to do this, I need to delete the current symbols, add the one I want at the top and then re-add the d
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