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  1. So after one week with Affinity designer, I'm not ready to jump in full time. Please add these features. 1: Selection Selecting parts of my project is horrible. Sometimes I can select an object by clicking on it, other times I have to drag around the whole object to get it, not very nice to use at all. 2: Symbols I use symbols a lot but there does not seem a way to change the symbol order. Sometimes I edit a symbol and I would like it at the top of my list but in order to do this, I need to delete the current symbols, add the one I want at the top and then re-add the deleted symbols again. I would also like the ability to load symbols and display them in a list so I can use the full names. 3: Layers is it just me but this seems very hectic compared to illustrator. I would also like the ability to lock a layer and stop a certain layer from printing if required. 4: Workspace No ability to save your personal workspace, this is a must! 5: Shapes I could be wrong here but If I want to create a 100mm x 100mm box, it seems like I have to drag a box to any size then resize it to what I want. Let us just click the artboard and select the size of shape we want. (Apologies if you can already do this) 6: Bleed Let us see the bleed box, why is this not already in place!
  2. Any news on this? I can't cope not being able to see the bleed. Thanks

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