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  1. artisticperspective

    Pencil brushes

    How do I save my brush in affinity designer? I already created it using Paolo's tutorial.
  2. artisticperspective

    Drawing in Designer

    I think I'll go with DAUB brushes. He has a free pencil pack including graphite and charcoal for free.
  3. artisticperspective


    I can help you with a logo design idea.
  4. artisticperspective

    Drawing in Designer

    Thank you. I already have an Intous Pro. You were very helpful.
  5. Hi, I am an artist used to realistic drawing on paper with pencils. I am trying to make the switch to digital. I have watched about 30 Affinity Designer Tutorial videos. I have already made some decent stuff in designer, but not near the level of my work on paper. I want to find out how I can get the same effect in the software as on paper or better. Does anybody have any knowledge on how I can draw like this in Designer? Some helpful info: tools to use for shading how to get the effect of graphite pencils how to blend values how to view photos as references process for a composition Thank You, your consideration is appreciated

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