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  1. I am amazed at the amount of brushes you guys added to Affinity Designer on the iPad. Are there any plans to port these brushes on the Mac application too?
  2. If you spend most of your time on Facebook I just created an affinity designer group there. Share your work, tips and resources! Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351282005040403/
  3. Have any of you encountered issues changing document settings mid-project? I'm not saying I have but just being precautious for client work. Did example if you change pixel density (150 to 300), color mode or image size in the middle of a project have you seen unusual results? Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. Thanks. Really cool brushes....keep them coming!!! :)
  5. Guys can you consider the image I will send for the contest? It is not completely one object yet as I am unable to union the weapons into the cat and subtract the curves to make the whiskers...it still freezes every time I try the functions....I wanted to add more details in the ears and the belly but I'm stuck with what I have right now, the file freezes every time. Please consider my entry :( Here is my latest screenshot trying to union the weapons into the cat.
  6. So despite this bug I will try to complete my robocat to participate in the contest...I hope I wont have too many crashes as I really want to participate...really don't know why it is doing this on this particular design.
  7. Too funny, I showed my work to my wife and she quoted the incredibles...
  8. Here is my AD file. Overtime I created a new curve or shape and tried to add or subtract it from the robot cat it would freeze as per my screenshot. robotCat.afdesign
  9. Thanks CartoonMike...I'm always open to feedback (the only way we grow is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and accept feedback) and I'm definitely just getting started (I usually go through several versions before I lock it down - this is version 1). So again thanks for your feedback. Happy halloween to you too. ;)
  10. Trying to build the one object cat, I found a bug that crashed AD current version and freezes in beta every time (now 7 times) I'm trying to subtract a curve into my current version of the cat. It freezes and never completes the operation and I'm not able to quit AD, as if it's stuck computing. It looks like I'm not going to be able to finish the cat... :( It's strange as I have more complex (with way more objects/curves) projects (like the zombie and my EDGY project) and it never crashes...strange that it does on this one object I've been subtracting and adding curves....
  11. Little update on edgy....still a lot of drawing to do (details on rifle and character) before tackling the background, colouring, texturing and final shadows and highlights...I might change a few things while I continue but this is where I am now. Feedback is definitely welcomed....
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