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  1. Are you using Lightroom? Are you referring to "Open as Layers in Photoshop"? If so, it's unlikely that Affinity will be able to implement that functionality, which is why I'm (regrettably) subscribing to Adobe CC.
  2. According to https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/faq.html: I've read elsewhere that this means that images can still be exported, and even minimally edited by using Quick Develop in the Library Module. So have you tried exporting JPEG/TIFF from your expired LR and opening these in AP? If this works, you'd not need Bridge CC. As for any non-Adobe software reading and applying LR/ACR edits, this is unlikely to happen since, as discussed earlier in this thread, this would require use of Adobe's licensed intellectual property.
  3. Here is a quote from this interesting thread: https://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/86224/is-there-any-way-of-achieving-cross-application-non-destructive-raw-editing-ma Some of these adjustments are simple, e.g. crop and exposure adjustments, others are very complicated, e.g. ACR noise reduction and adjustment brush strokes. Reverse-engineering these doesn't seem straightforward, and doing so might infringe patents, yes?
  4. Thanks! That's more what I had in mind. It at least handles some of the basic edits.
  5. I've not been able to find anything on the Adobe forums or elsewhere. It looks like ACDSee Ultimate 2018 can import ratings, labels, collections, and keywords from a Lightroom catalog, but not image edits.
  6. By "read", I mean reading and *(non-destructively) applying* any edits made to the image in Lightroom's Develop module -- that's what I'd need in any true Lightroom/Photoshop replacement. That's what allows LR to launch PS to edit a RAW file, for example.
  7. Is it realistic to expect AP, or any non-Adobe application for that matter, to read Lightroom xmp files? Wouldn't this require AP to duplicate what Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) does? That would mean either licensing or reverse-engineering ACR. Adobe doesn't license ACR separately, as far as I know, and reverse-engineering ACR might violate patents.
  8. I encountered *many* bugs in Affinity Photo while working on a 100Mpx 16-bit panoramas with 10+ layers on a Win10 PC (i7 6700K, 32GB RAM, 1x 256GB NVMe SSD, 1x 256 SATA SSD, image files on NAS over 1Gbps ethernet): - Unhandled exception 0xE06D7363 while editing live view, followed by "Cannot start the Crash Reporter" - Unhandled exception 0xC0000005 while editing warp mesh, followed by "Cannot start the Crash Reporter" - Not responding - Layers clobbered -- after exporting jpg? - Blend modes not working (IMG_6135-LREnfuse_ICE-stereographic-2.afphoto) -- after saving as psd? - Image intermittently disappears for several seconds - Flood select slow/unusable, image intermittently disappears for several seconds - RAW stacking - .psb not shown in open dialog - Live Twirl max radius 1024 px - Free Hand Selection w/ Shift doesn't scroll off-screen - Smart Selection brush unresponsive (big pano) - Blend modes not working (IMG_6135-LREnfuse_ICE-stereographic-2.afphoto) -- after saving as psd? - Infill border fails - Pixel layer menu not shown - Select alpha range transparent/opaque reversed - Undoing resize document does not revert all layers - Subtract marquee doesn't work Simply too many for me to reproduce and report in detail. Hopefully the next release will be more usable.
  9. Photo crashes with 0xC0000005 unhandled exception opening a 2.8GB TIFF, followed by "Cannot start the Crash Reporter". The TIFF opens fine in CS6.
  10. Unhandled Exception 0xE06D7363 while zooming, followed by "Cannot start the Crash Reporter" error. Version (trial). Has happened several times.
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