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  1. +1 for another missing feature that was on the roadmap at one time but who knows.
  2. +1 For this feature, I had someone send me an AI for a job and I can't see the background, found it it's a gradient mesh. I really thought that Affinity was going to be a replacement for Adobe, but using after my Adobe licence ran out, I'm disappointed to see so many features missing. For this I'm unable to use it in a professional workplace. I hope Affinity get's there, but it isn't there yet. Time to renew my Adobe licence.
  3. I too think it would be an amazing addition to Designer to have a shape builder tool. I really feel like Affinity Designer is lagging behind when it comes to the pen/shape tools. Software like Illustrator and even Figma is a head when it comes to things like even being able to copy and paste nodes. I would say, I've been using Designer more now my Adobe has ran out and I'm surprised by how many fundamental features it is actually lacking.
  4. 3 years on, is this functionality in the software now? I can't seem to find it.
  5. Looking to do this and came across a few posts saying you can't do it. Like what?! For real?! That seems so bad to me. It's simple UX stuff.
  6. Exporting to PDF is getting the font completely wrong. The only way around it is to convert the font to curves before hand which I don't want to do. I've tried doing the same document with InDesign and I have absolute no issues. See attached for demonstration.
  7. The inside stroke has bleed of the shape colour. It really messes up how the stroke should look. EDIT: It also does it for images inside a shape
  8. Hi Tony, I will do this for you as soon as I get home :-)
  9. I've found adjustment layers vastly dive bomb the performance. If you just have two shape layers great! That's why I can use Affinity Designer for UI/UX design fine. Any decent photo editing becomes impossible, the adjustment layers take ages to update and the dragging of adjustment sliders lag, you and up skipping which makes it difficult to fine tune, unless moving up 1 number at a time and waiting a couple seconds.
  10. Hi Chris, I'll try this when I get home from work. Thank you very much for your reply. I have an i7 2600K, My motherboard I'm not 100% sure, I bought the computer from a store then swapped out parts as it get's older.
  11. Hello, I've recently discovered Affinity as an alternative to Photoshop, Illustrator. I was looking to replace it at work and rather than paying £50 a month for CC, I can pay £50 for the software. I've been using it on my Mac at work and it's been an absolute dream to work with. In fact when it comes to working with large PSD's I've found it performs better than Photoshop. However, Windows is a very different story, it's so sluggish. My computer is very powerful, i7, 8GB RAM and AMD R9 Fury. When moving layers there is a second delay before it actually moves, when applying Adjustments there is a second delay before it updates. It makes the application unusable as I feel like I'm fighting with it to get it to move layers, sometimes it's so delayed I get lost in the layering system. Adding a layer inside a layer (nesting) takes about 2-3 seconds. Moving layers feel sluggish, just everything feels slow. I haven't tried Affinity Designer yet, however the slowness of Affinity Photo on Windows 10 is stopping me from moving from CC as I use a Windows at home and Mac at work.
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