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  1. But that explanation doesn't hold water when it comes to ctrl, alt, and shift specific commands that are used on Mac, yet they are different on Windows. Both OS:s have those keys so they should be the same, yet they aren't. Heck, Photoshop has alt+R click for changing brush size/hardness on Windows which is pretty close to ctrl+alt+R click, so don't tell me it can't be done for Windows. Besides, the cmd key is barely used by any of the tools I have tried on Mac. It is primarily used for some menu shortcuts like undo/redo (cmd+z/cmd+shift+z), so the Mac version still isn't utilising all the available modifiers for the tools to warrant the differences between each OS.
  2. A few days ago I downloaded the very generous 90-day trial (Thanks, Serif!) for Affinity on Mac, since I happened to own a Macbook Air and not a PC laptop. After trying it for a few days I can honestly say that I am a bit envious by what Mac users get to enjoy. I am not talking about the lack of GPU acceleration on Windows (although I really want it, my Mac doesn't support Metal so I can't try that as of now), but little annoyances that are present on the Windows version which are completely absent on Mac. Here's a list of stuff I have found thus far: - Mac remembers which brush category you had opened last session after closing Affinity. On Windows I have to scroll down to open my customised brush category every time I open Affinity, which is at the bottom of the pile because you can't change the order of your categories, thus wasting time for no reason. - Mac remembers what folders were opened and closed when you close down a project and open it up again. On Windows all folders are closed when I do the same, thus disorienting me when I have a larger project with tons of layers. - Mac has far better mouse shortcuts than Windows for changing stuff like brush size and more, which are easier to use with tablets. I.e. the Lasso tool allows you to add to your selection by holding down ctrl and L click, while on Windows you need to hold down R click and L click. Ctrl+alt+R click on Mac to change brush size is pretty comfortable and I just don't understand why Windows has to be different for the sake of it. - Mac remembers the pen pressure from the previous stroke when connecting dots for straight lines by pressing shift and your pen on the tablet. On Windows you always get 0% pen pressure at the beginning of each line regardless of how hard you press your pen on your tablet, leading to this: Desktop_2019_12.28_-_23_44_31_02.mp4 These issues are some that I have managed to find thus far after using the Mac version for a short while. Are there any other differences that Mac has that Windows hasn't which I haven't found yet? Please post them here so that the devs can hopefully address them! : )
  3. Looks pretty pixelated to me. Even tried it myself and the brushes are actually pixelated with the Pixel Tool. Here's a screenshot to prove it. Seems to me like you haven't used the tools enough.
  4. Btw, @Andy Somerfield. Will the 3D painting system have UDIM support when you do decide to do an official Beta? I know many people who work with multiple texture tiles with varying levels of resolution nowadays, so it is going to be a highly requested feature since it is an industry standard.
  5. Looking forward to it! Will be testing it for sure! ^-^ Also good that you are not rushing things and getting the users' feedback on it early. Don't want another Photoshop scenario where they added 3D support just for the sake of it and then left it to rot just to buy up the competition years later. : P
  6. Agree with Mr. Bones here. That is really interesting stuff. As someone who is actively learning 3D, I could see a lot of artists finding good use in doing additional edits of their textures in Affinity. It might be a bit too much wishful thinking of it replacing Substance Painter in every scenario from the get go, but with enough care and support it has some great potential! : )
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Been waiting for a brush creation from selection feature for a long time. So happy it's coming! Transform from centre for Circle Marquee is great to hear. I presume this also applies to the Rectangular Marquee tool as well? : D
  8. You can change the order of your brushes in the Brushes panel. Just drag them on the list and drop them where you want them. What you can't change however is the order of your brush collection, so your custom set of brushes will always be at the very bottom of the list. You already can. Holding down shift when drawing produces straight lines. One problem when trying to create straight lines that aren't 90 degree angles is that when you use your tablet pen to create with 100% pen pressure L clicks, the stroke will apply a fade on it when the line should be 100% opacity with no line width variation. It's really odd.
  9. This isn't so much a problem per say, but simple curiosity. Are the Publisher Personas of Photo and Designer running on the latest patches done to Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, or is every improvement patched into Publisher separately? For instance, if you add a new featue or make a bug fix to Photo, will the Persona version in Publisher automatically get that patch without the need for a Publisher patch? ^^
  10. It was a brand new installation. Never used Affinity on a Mac before, only Windows. I used my regular Windows mouse since the touchpad didn't work, but that didn't help either. Was trying to use alt+R click since that's what I heard was the shortcut on Mac. Also tried the Windows version alt+R click+L click and didn't work either. I tried resetting everything with ctrl as you said, but it still doesn't work I'm afraid. : (
  11. I downloaded Affinity Photo 1.8.3 on my Macbook Air last night to check if I could get it to work. However, when I finally loaded the program I was unable to use any of the mouse shortcuts, which made it very hard to use the program as intended. I don't know if it's a bug or something else I am doing wrong, but I need help nonetheless.
  12. If it's just a simple video editor, then it's just as well that it doesn't get made. There are plenty of those already. However, if it is fully integrated with Designer, Photo, and Publisher with Studio Link then I am all ears. It would open up all different kinds of animation techniques like vector, raster, pixel, and more. It would be like a mix of Flash/Animate, Photoshop, and After Effects all rolled into one package. Personally I am interested in an After Effects styled workflow with vector animation to create UI prototypes and pixel frame by frame animation. I know some people like to use Photoshop to clean up and colour rough animation, so having Affinity do the same would be a nice addition.
  13. @MurfeeI appreciate it! Have been able to create some pretty nice macros now thanks to your help. Might share them at some point once I feel like they are tried and tested. 🥳
  14. Thank you, that actually worked! It was so confusing since all the fill options are named the same and have the exact same options in the Macro panel. My report should be probably rebranded as a UI/UX issue rather than a bug of the features themselves.
  15. Was trying to create a macro for cleaning up a selection and filling it with colour. While doing so, I noticed that Fill had an option to allow the change of colour of the fill when you activated it. However, when I finally tried it out, it did not work at all. Then I noticed that the Colour panel was overriding the macro option by filling it with the colour currently set as the primary. Desktop 2020.04.05 -
  16. Was trying to make a shortcut for Select Sampled Colour by keybinding it to A. However, Photo crashed when I pressed the key. The feature works when you just click on it in the menu. Desktop 2020.04.05 -
  17. Would be nice if they added different rendering options when transforming like in Photoshop. In the meantime I would suggest using Resize Document and increase the size of the canvas with Nearest Neighbour activated.
  18. Seems to work, thanks! I tried to compare the two and they seem to work just about the same. Still, the current behaviour of the Refine macro is really odd to say the least.
  19. Because of the very uneven results produced by the Lasso tool that prevent you from creating smooth selections, I was trying to create a clean-up macro that would allow me to fix the selection with Refine and Smooth slider. However, when trying to reuse this macro in practice, it just duplicates the original lasso selection which makes it extremely impractical to work with. In my honest opinion, I wish that the Lasso tool had some sort of automatic smooth algorithm applied after every new selection to fix these problems so I wouldn't need to try and do this. Doesn't help that Refine doesn't remember your user settings. Desktop 2020.04.05 -
  20. Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted! ^-^ Still, I made a feature request to add Divide to Affinity as well. Just to make things easier. 🥳
  21. I want to see an After Effects/animation tools hybrid where you can get a timeline for all Affinity products and the ability to animate things like vectors, raster, and adding camera and layer effects like After Effects. I am personally interested in animating pixel art and UIs, which would be pretty convenient to do inside of Affinity instead of porting stuff over.
  22. I just posted a question about a Photoshop tutorial I watched today and came to the realisation that Affinity lacks the Divide option. I got some help to try and replicate this workflow, but it wasn't really enough to fully replicate the practicality of having just a single layer and Divide dealing with the rest. It would be much appreciated if the devs added this to Affinity as well. : )
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