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  1. I would also like the first and third features to be incorporated at the earliest. Without them, AP is much less usable. If fact because of the lack of the third feature of overwriting the original photo, I have more or less stopped using AP since I cannot offers to have hundreds of duplicate photos cluttering up my already large library. I do hope these features will be incorporated soon. Thanks.
  2. Hello Chris, Thank you for your message. In my case, the missing albums were created on the Mac Photos app. However other albums created on the Mac Photos app do appear in the import pane, so it is strange why only some albums do not appear. For your reference, these missing albums DO appear in the import panes of other photo editing apps on my iPad, I hope the next release of AP will fix this bug. As for the sort order the albums are displayed in the import pane, this is order is completely random and does not at all match the order of the albums in the Apple Photos app on iPad. Again, for your reference, in the other photo editing apps on iPad, the sort order is identical to the order in the Apple Photos app. I trust this bug will also be fixed. I would be be most helpful if the developers could incorporate a search feature in the import pane, which would make it extremely convenient to find a photo by keyword, or an album by name. The Apple Photos app has this feature, so I imagine it would be possible to incorporate it in AP as well. Thanks again, and regards, Firoze
  3. Hello, I second donkas request to implement a "Save" over the original photo in the Apple Photos App, maintaining the original file name/number, and the ability to "revert to original". This is vitally important since many users would not want to save the photo edited in AP as a copy, which would clutter up an already large photo library with duplicate photos. However there should also be an option to "Save as a Copy" if the user so desires. Many photo Apps like Snapseed already provide these functions, so it should be possible for Affinity developers to implement these features in a future release. Thanks & regards.
  4. Hello, I second the first and third points raised by the Original Poster. These features are extremely necessary. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am using Affinity Photo (AP) 1.6.3 on iPad Pro 12.9" 512Gb (2017) running iOS 10.2.3. My entire photos library of 40000 photos is synced on iCloud. Bug #1: When end trying to import a photo into AP from the Apple Photos app, I notice that a great many photos are not showing up in the import pane. As well, a lot of albums are also not showing up. The missing photos are both jpegs & RAW, which are either original, or edited in the Mac Photos app. Bug #2: The sequence of the albums displayed in the import pane is completely random, it is neither alphabetical, not chronological. I have over a hundred albums in my library and this random sequence makes it extremely frustrating to find an album. I trust these bugs will soon be fixed. In addition to fixing the bugs, if it were possible to have a search field in the import pane, this would make it extremely convenient to find a photo by keyword, or an album by name. (One can search by keywords in the Apple iOS Photos app). Better still, if a photo could be directly imported into AP from the Apple Photos app, this would be best of all! Thanks & regards.
  6. Hello, I am glad the developers are looking into the crashing issue since I am also experiencing this frequently. I have a new 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" 512Gb on iOS 10.3.2 with not many other Apps installed, so this can't be a hardware or iOS issue. Look forward to a more stable release of AP soon. Thanks and regards. PS: @moderators: do you think deleting and reinstalling AP might help? Or should I just wait for v 1.6.4 to be released soon?
  7. Hello, my name is Firoze. I'm from Mumbai, and am a longtime advanced amateur photographer. I've been using Macs and iPads ever since they were introduced. I have a large photo library of 40000 photos synced to iCloud and since I travel extensively, I have always wanted to do advanced photo editing on the go. So when I saw the demo of AP at the Apple WWDC, I took the plunge and bought a iPad Pro 12.9" 512Gb, and installed AP. I've been using it for a few days and have been very pleased, except for a few issues with opening/saving photos which I will post on the appropriate threads. My congratulations to the Affinity team to for developing this powerful yet user friendly App, and hope you will continue to develop and refine it over time. Kind regards.
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