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    kabiani got a reaction from Kaze in Affinity Designer Customer Beta -   
    We also need text warp. Its very difficult to edit text in affinity designer..
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    kabiani reacted to Rick G in Affinity Designer Customer Beta -   
    Betas are supposed to keep updating as they work the bugs out. There are still a lot of bugs in this beta so I would be surprised if it was any time real soon
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    kabiani reacted to A_B_C in Copy gradient from stroke to fill   
    @ Gear maker: Simply create a gradient swatch on the Swatches Panel and apply the swatch to the target you like ... works in both directions (fill > stroke, stroke > fill) ... and of course you can apply the same swatch to fill and stroke ... 
    @ alexbet: To copy attributes from one object to another simply Copy the source object (Cmd-C) and choose Edit > Paste Style (Shift-Cmd-V) while the target object is selected ... or create a custom style by right clicking the object and choosing Create Style from the context menu (perfect for multiple uses) ...
    Hope that helps,
    Alex  :)

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