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  1. Not able to test right now but it may be that just need to change the 'Cap' setting for the Stroke.
  2. I second this feature request. In many cases I can't use the corner tool in a non destructive way. I have to bake them in, which is a real shame and keeps me awake at night. (OK you got me there!). It's inconsistent with other tools and feels like it should be a fairly simple addition??? For the kind of work I do - I'd also find a global setting such as, 'scale all widths curves and effects with objects' (overridable on a per instance) - Which would be opposite to the default functionality we have now, I believe. Keep up the amazing work ;)
  3. Hi George, just how I finish the sketch process and test some very quick lighting. I'd do a whole bunch of characters before picking the one/s that get taken further. It's for my game - Storm the Train.
  4. For people who want to give it a go here are a few more tips. Turn on 'save history with file' before you start. Think about the background you want, you might not be able to change this later. Up the amount of history that is saved in preferences, otherwise the history at the start will be removed when you go over the limit. Use multiple versions of a file for different treatments. Sketch, blocking out, shading etc. When recording your screen/screen section stretch out the history tab to make it very wide, you'll get finer control over the playback. If performance is an issue minimise all other tabs/windows, so it's just the history - layers especially - they may try to update as you scrub. Scrub slowly when recording and then speed up the footage in a video editing tool. People like to see the creation process on social media etc, just look at the number of speed modelling vids on youtube. This could be a cool tool for users (not needing screen recording software and the performance overhead) and a nice way for Affinity D&P to be spread more widely. Let's be honest though, it's a nice-to-have feature for a few of us, so I won't hold my breath!!! :D
  5. I was trying to record the process of creation in AF and AD for this new character to share on social media. I manually scrubbed through the history whilst recording a section of the screen with Quicktime. Then created the gif with GifBrewery. Got me thinking - making recordings form history and sharing could be a very cool bonus feature. :)
  6. Hi, Been asked to create a feature request for this as it's not considered a bug.... In the attached example file notice the following. Artboard 1 and Artboard 2 See how the saved View Point AB1 centres the view on Artboard 1. Now delete or move in Y(a fare distance) Artboard 2 Now try to use the View Point AB1 again. You should see it's no longer centred on Artboard 1. Apparently View Points are fixed to the document. So perhaps moving or deleting the artboard is updating the document parameters but this change isn't passed through to the View Points. Although the error only appears to be in the Y axis so changes in X are accounted for? I had invested some time in using this feature but then I deleted an unwanted artboard and all my View Points were rendered incorrect. I still consider this a bug with the design of the View Point system as it doesn't allow the user to work freely with it, but rather, under strict usage rules which aren't explained/shouldn't be there. Hope the example explains and it's clear to see how it's current functionality can nobble you :) Example file in MAS 1.4.2 but the same happens in the latests 1.5beta(3). viewPointExample.afdesign
  7. No I didn't have use fill checked. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I expected synchronise to apply the entire style - If no one else has been befuddled by this best chalk it up as user error :) Thanks again.
  8. I mentioned this in another topic but posting it here as it seems to be a bug... Make a shape with a fill and stroke colour. select it (use the blue cloud with the up arrow icon) to synchronise defaults from selection. select the rect shape tool, draw a rect it's all fine - I get stroke and colour. now try the pen tool. I only get the stroke. Seems like it's been broken for a while, my MAS version has this issue as does the latest beta. Cheers.
  9. In the MAS release this only works properly for default shapes like rects for me. Make a shape with a fill and stroke colour. select it (use the blue cloud with the up arrow icon) to synchronise defaults from selection. select the rect shape tool, draw a rect it's all fine - I get stroke and colour. now try the pen tool. I only get the stroke. Anyone else getting this?
  10. Could be very functional on a new iPad Pro with the Apple Pen. One to watch out for.
  11. ...also if you are exporting artwork you can exclude your rect in the layers panel in export persona. I tend to use a gradient myself.
  12. Hey Matt, Sounds like the pain won't last forever. If the slices bug could be bumped up that would be AMAZING, I've literally spent several hours today resizing slices :wacko: One more which may be a bug... multiple highlighted slices to select all highlighted doesn't work in export persona. Manually unchecking ~100 layers one by one to re-export a few! The plan for export sizes sounds like what I was hoping for as a proper solution. It will indeed be powerful. I'll keep checking the betas as they come. All the best chap.
  13. What do you do as a workaround at the moment... copy the layer > new from clipboard and then export the new file to PSD?
  14. It would be interesting to know what goes on behind the 1x 2x 3x scaling options. My hope is that it can be an arbitrary number which should service any need!
  15. Hi Affinity, I currently have two main issues when getting files out for game development. (I appreciate my needs may be different from the crowd and could be at the bottom of the pile on account). Current flow for the majority of my work. -Create artwork using Layers/Groups named with export names. -Use the 'Create slice' from currently selected object. -This works great as it uses the name of the object - good clean files easily understood. However... the size of the slice generated is almost always not what I want. The slice seems to be generated from the bounding box of the object selected (plus all it's children and adjustment layers). If I add a vector mask to the layer/group the slice generated is still of the entire bounding box not the vector mask bounding box. The result is I have to manually resize (sometimes over 100) slices! Feel my pain? Q1. Could the slice generated take the bounding box of a vector mask if it's applied to the object (the one who's name is used)? And if so could it retain the link so that if the mask is resized the slice is resized. That would give me rock solid slices. Export sizes are very restrictive. I often want to export smaller and larger and not always at 1x 2x 3x Currently I'm having to batch files I want smaller through photoplop which brings me out in an itchy rash :) Q2. As a quick-ish fix could there be another tick box which allows users to type in a scale. 0.5 for example? I appreciate everyone at Affinity is working really hard and you get all sorts of requests daily. I've been using Affinity in production now on our games since it's release and exporting has been my biggest hurdle since day 1 otherwise I love it and you guys rock.
  16. Indeed, I've dabbled with this technique a little in the past (on some personal shots) but I'm inspired to give it a go in AP now. Thanks again.
  17. Great explanation of your process and the final images (skin) looks perfect. Would be great to see behind-the-curtain with a comparison of the original and final images to get an idea of how far you pushed it in the processing.
  18. A bit more AD work to share. I'm currently running a Google Play experiment to see which of these icons is most popular - conversion to installs. The 1st and 4th are the current and original icons which are quite similar, essentially a change of character. With these I tried to convey what the game is about. When testing it's a good idea to have contrasting designs, to that end I have designs 2 and 3. The Wei character design is nice and clean, I think she should do well and the Zombies explosion is an attempt to capture the sense of action/mayhem in the game. Let me know what your favourite is and we'll see if we match the findings of the experiment!
  19. Like the portrait. Have you played Sword and Sworcery I think you might like it!
  20. Hi retrograde, From the artist side I take my AD exports into Maya for character animation and train construction - textures mapped to quads and added to hierarchies - then exported as FBX models. The game engine we use is our own. It's very efficient as it only contains what we need for our games. We also use our engine for both iOS and Android versions.
  21. Here is what my icons template file looks like. iOS icons on the left and Google Play on the right.
  22. Hi Yakk, the pencil work on the initial sketches is actually done in Mischief (hope I don't upset any AD folk mentioning it here). I did a little post on this on the Games Faction Facebook page recently. I plan to do one for AD soon showing how I move forward from sketch to the final Icon. Yes the rest is done in AD. I fist place a 1024x1024 AD file to into another AD file which contains the initial sketch. I'll work on the embedded file copying and resizing (many times) for all different sizes required for iOS and Android. This also helps me see how the icon looks at different sizes. I should probably post a screen grab of the setup!
  23. Yesterday I was working on a possible new icon for the game. Here's how it went. I'll be working on others so we can do A-B testing on Google Play.
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