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  1. Oh yes, I just went back to check. Around six of the shapes and the divider (which itself is tricky to discern with the dark theme).
  2. This is a minor issue but I noticed that there's no way to access the lower set of tools when customising the tools panel if the number of columns is above 2 in undocked mode. The expected result would be for the panel to expand accordingly as it does on the Windows platform. AP version (also the same in the current production version).
  3. I downloaded the assets for Photo on the iPad and noticed thar some of the available assets were the same in Designer but still showed as needing to be downloaded, which I assume is also the case for the desktop versions as well. Is there a way to have a central pool as the size can soon mount up.
  4. I'd like to bump this one as well. This bug kind of makes the paste/saved fx feature useless.
  5. This is slightly different to the issue in that post. I already have the artboards, it's only the symbols I have copied across them.
  6. I'm having problems with symbols in a design; all but one of the copies is updating. I have created a template with several artboards for different versions of social media images. Part of the design has the text 'WEEK XX'. I have created a symbol and copied across four of the artboards. That's fine, they all update in unison. I have created a fifth copy, which I needed to change to title case and add a drop shadow. I disabled sync to do this and made the changes. Even after enabling sync again, it doesn't update with the rest. The symbol attributes show Unlinked Transform/Constraints but the text itself shows Unlinked Layer Effects, Text, Text Frame. I have tried different variations as it was initially the reverse; having spawned four copies from the title case version, the four refused to update. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  7. Hi Joachim_L, I think my technical language wasn't clear - I mean overrides. In InDesign, for example, when you hover over the style it displays the override detail - it used to display the entire style detail with the changes at the bottom. I think I've found it now. It's at the top of the style panel in Apub.
  8. I might be missing the obvious here. In A***e products, you can see pre-commited alterations to styles when you hover over a style in the panel; they appear at the bottom of the popup. Is there any way to see this in APub?
  9. Ah yes, of course. Both do the same but locking is slightly easier!
  10. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I've almost managed to recreate Photoshop's behaviour by setting my file access permissions to read-only (Mac). Instead of creating a new document, as Photoshop does with a template document, Affinity prompts to Save As when I save after making changes. No more undoing changes on the template! David
  11. This might be a question or possibly a feature request. Is there a way of replicating Photoshop's .PSDT template format in Designer? It's a little feature but it's such a timesaver.
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